// Jon Miller

Joe Morgan Fired! ESPN Lets Morgan, Miller Go From Sunday Night Baseball

For years, I have insulted baseball legend Joe Morgan over and over again. His poor, uninformed commentary on what’s supposed to be the game of the week just didn’t do it for me. Jon Miller, a good play-by-play man 30 years ago, has also lost some luster, though Morgan has brought him down even more. […]

Why the Home Run Derby Rots Your Brain and Possibly Your Eyes

It happens to me every year: I go into the Home Run Derby thinking, “Aw, this will be a fun little diversion!” And every year, I get precisely the same sick, weak feeling, like I’ve been kicked in the gonads. Wait a minute, I realize. This really sucks. And the thing is, it sucks on […]

Reactions to a Hawks Fan’s View of Round 1

Our good friend, Shotgun, over at the Blue Workhorse Blog recently put up an article where he addressed 33 points about the Hawks and Celtics round one playoff match up. There were several of these points that I agree with and I think most others who watched the series would also agree with. However, there […]