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All-Star MVP Bryant’s Double-Double Leads West Over East

On his home court and on the cusp of history, Kobe Bryant could not be denied. Bryant scored 37 while grabbing 14 boards, powering the Western Conference to its 24th victory at the NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles on Sunday, beating the Eastern Conference All-Stars 148-143. Bryant, who collected three assists and three steals […]

Video: Justin Bieber Raps, Insults Tom Brady’s Hair

Believe me, I have no Bieber fever, and I’m certainly not a Belieber. With that said, what the hell is Justin Bieber doing on a Boston sports blog? If you couldn’t make it through more than a second of Bieber’s “rap,” here’s what he said: “Call up Mr. Brady, tell him leave his hair to […]

The Couch Potato Report: NFL, PGA, MLB, VMAs, and More Fun with Acronyms

For weeks, writing this article was a challenge. The summer months brought little in the ways of big sporting events, making it difficult to hype up a lackluster docket of weekend TV each and every Friday. But now… problem solved. The NFL kicks off its 2010 season this weekend, and I for one am here […]