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Celtics Player Review: Tony Allen

Tony Allen went through a year of recovery this past season after a devastating knee injury derailed his 2006-2007 campaign. Allen did come back to play through the entire 2007-2008 season but his numbers were down from how he played before his injury. Before his injury, Allen was basically the team’s best player after Paul Pierce […]

Celtics Pass With Flying Colors in 2007-2008

KC did a piece earlier in the Celtics season in which he reviewed and issued grades for each individual player on the team. Now that the season is over I’ll take a look at all of the players on the team and give them a grade and a little bit of review on how I […]

Celtics: Season in Review

It is really funny to look back at what I predicted way back on October 5, 2007 for the then-upcoming NBA season. To recap one of the greatest seasons in Celtics history, I find it necessary to turn back to that initial preview and find out how bad I was at my guesses. Don’t worry, […]

Celtics Four-Point Play: Banner #17 Edition

I will devote the entire Four-Point Play to the NBA Finals against Lakers, which saw the Celtics win 4-2. I will analyze the play of MVP Paul Pierce, how the Celtics contained Kobe Bryant, why Phil Jackson kept starting Vladamir Radmanovic, and how the “numbers” played out in Game 6. 1. Paul Pierce was named […]

Hold the Champagne: Celtics Lose Tough Game 5

The Celtics fought the whole way after going down early in the first quarter by 19 points. However, they were not able to come back all the way against the Lakers in Game 5 of the NBA Finals as they had in Game 4. Eddie House hit a three pointer with a few seconds left, […]

Celtics Stumble, Back to Boston

Back to Boston we go. Despite the best efforts by Paul Pierce (38 points in 48 minutes despite a very poorly timed turnover right at the end) and a furious comeback by the Celts (down 14 in the fourth) the Lakers prevailed in Game 5 103-98 and now the NBA Finals shifts back to Boston. […]

Celtics Complete Greatest NBA Finals Comeback Ever

The Celtics were down 24 points in the second quarter but then they put their foot on the gas pedal and made the greatest comeback in the NBA Finals as well as the playoffs. The Celtics won Game 4 97-91 and took a 3-1 series lead in the Finals. The Lakers blew this one after […]

Pierce, Celtics Take Tough Game 3 Loss

There are so many “ifs” one can talk about after their team loses a tough game, especially if that tough game is in the NBA finals. There is one “if” in particular though that I believe would truly have changed this game. My “if” is that if Paul Pierce had performed to the ability that […]

Celtics Fend Off Lakers in the 4th; Lead Series 2-0

The game seemed to be just about over when the Celtics were up by 22 points late in the second half, but the problem was that they were playing Kobe Bryant and the L.A. Lakers who have played quite a few late-game upsets recently. However, the Celtics were able to hold the Lakers and take […]

Injured Pierce Returns, Leads C’s Past Lakers

The game went back and forth the whole night and it was a battle throughout, but the Celtics were able to pull off a victory in this historic revival of the old Celtics and Lakers rivalry. The Celtics won this one, 98-88, and took an early 1-0 series lead. There were some scary injuries, a […]

The NBA Finals Are Here: Who Will Come Out on Top?

After watching the Celtics play the entire regular season with the least bit of troubles, and then seeing them struggle throughout the playoffs but recently get back on track, I have to say that I see the Celtics winning this series in six games. Key Matchup: Paul Pierce vs Kobe Bryant: Who would say anything […]

Celtics Four-Point Play: Finals Preview

In this edition of the Celtics Four-Point Play, I will talk about the NBA Finals. I’ll analyze the impact of Kendrick Perkins, the possibility of seeing Tony Allen, how Kobe Bryant ranks in among the top players in the NBA, and I’ll offer my full NBA Finals prediction. 1. Kendrick Perkins has averaged 7.2 points […]

An Outside Look at an Intriguing Matchup

By Atlanta Hawks Fan Shotgun Spratling Special to SportsofBoston.com (This is a part of Sports of Boston’s extensive coverage of the NBA Finals) With the storied franchises of the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers returning to face off in what once was a seemingly annual showdown known as the NBA Finals, commissioner David […]

Thankfully, Flopping in the NBA Will Be Ending

(This is apart of Sports of Boston’s extensive coverage of the NBA Finals) Last week, when it was announced that the NBA would begin fining players for flopping, I came quite close to clapping about the story when I first saw it. One of the reasons the NBA has become pretty unwatchable, to me, is […]

Celtics Four-Point Play 5-7

In this edition of the Four-Point Play, I’ll discuss Kobe Bryant winning the NBA MVP, Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers getting the monkey off their backs, my final reaction to the Hawks series, and how the Celtics can stop LeBron James this series. 1. Kobe Bryant was named the NBA MVP for the first time […]