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Video: Boston Blazers Mascot Lap Dance Halftime Show

Looking for good, wholesome, family entertainment? Take your kids to a Boston Blazers game! Just make sure to take the kids to the bathroom during halftime… Boston Blazers general manager Doug Reffue says the team was “extremely disappointed” with parts of the halftime show Saturday at the TD Garden. On Monday, Reffue said it was […]

The Couch Potato Report: Supersized Long Weekend Edition

UPDATE: Celtics Advance to NBA Finals, Beat Magic 96-84 Memorial Day weekend has finally arrived. As the unofficial start of summer, at least in my book, this weekend will surely be loaded with outdoor barbecues, families taking the covers off their swimming pools, and parades down the main streets of towns everywhere. Mother Nature is […]

Boston Lacrosse Video: When Not Popping Collars, LAX Players Are Popping Other Dudes In the Face

In case you didn’t know, Boston has a professional lacrosse team called the Blazers, and apparently, these Blazer fellas are quite the pugilists. A few nights ago, when they traveled to Philadelphia to take on the Wings, things got a little antagonistic. I can only assume it started when one player suggested that Ralph Lauren […]