// Luke Ridnour

Pierce and Allen Lead Fourth-Quarter Comeback as Celtics Win at Home

The Boston Celtics had not had a lead since just under four minutes remaining in the second quarter. The Minnesota Timberwolves led by eight points with just over seven minutes left in the game. But the Timberwolves had already lost seven games in which they’d led by at least 10 points this season, and the […]

Celtics Reserves Can’t Hold off Bucks

In the last game of the season, already booked for the playoffs, did anyone really expect to see the Celtics‘ Big Three play? Well they didn’t and you can add Kendrick Perkins to the list of DNPs as well. So with the backups and Rajon Rondo in the game, the Celtics ended up losing 106-95 to the Milwaukee Bucks, who […]

Celtics Blow By Bucks 101-89

The Celtics are starting to look a lot like Muhammed Ali. Ali used to just dance around for 15 rounds until his opponent got too tired. Then, he’d either just outlast him or knock him out late. The Celtics seem to start slow on purpose, only to build up toward the end of the game. […]