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MLB and NPB Agree to New Posting System; Masahiro Tanaka Posting In Doubt

While there are a couple hurdles before the deal is finalized, Major League Baseball and Nippon Professional Baseball have come to an agreement for a new posting system. Under the old system teams had to submit a bid during a four-day silent auction. At the end of the auction, the highest bidding team would have exclusive negotiating […]

The Small Market Myth of the 2012 MLB Season

As Major League Baseball’s 2012 Playoffs approach, a crop of new teams appear poised to contend in October. With perennial doormats such as the Baltimore Orioles, Oakland Athletics, and even Pittsburgh Pirates now in the heat of the competition, a trendy, new train of thought comes with them. The era of big market teams is […]

Analyzing MLB’s Possible Expanded Playoffs Format

In April, Commissioner Bud Selig detailed plans to expand the number of playoff teams in Major League Baseball with hopes for additional wild card slots in 2012. While no official agreement has been made, Selig did say that “ten is a fair number” with regards to adding one more wild card team in each league. […]

Live Blog: Home Run Derby

Tonight it’s The Exhibition Before the Exhibition: the Home Run Derby in Anaheim. As Mark McGwire once famously asked us all, “do you want to know the terrifying truth, or would you rather see me sock a few dingers?” To which we all replied “Dingers! Dingers! Oooh! Aah!” Then we all savagely turned on him. […]

The 2010 Red Sox: Everything Lasts Forever!

The Red Sox have played seven games so far, approximately 4% of the season, so it’s time to look at the facts and reach some conclusions. I’ll do the math, so all you’ll have to do is call up the talk radio shows and complain, because things are ugly and are on pace to stay that […]

Baseball’s 2003 Steroids List Taken Illegally

The infamous list that has haunted baseball, and grouped together some of the game’s best players as cheaters, has been determined to be taken illegally. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declared that federal agents were wrong in seizing 104 names from two companies holding the results of a 2003 league-wide drug survey. The […]