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TGIF: Maurice Jones-Drew = The Next Marion Barber

Summer is just around the corner and for those interested already, the fantasy football season is upon us. Over at Yahoo! Sports, fantasy football leagues have already been forming for weeks and owners are foaming at the mouth for their chance to conduct the all important fantasy draft for the 2009 season. As with every […]

Fantasy Football Report: Week 6

After six weeks, you know where your team stands. I have heard that if you’re 2-4 at this point then there is no chance of making the playoffs. I heavily disagree. In one of my leagues I am 2-4 and there are a bunch of teams that are 3-3. If I can pull off a […]

Fantasy Football Report: Week 1

Week 1 is in the books. The season is already 1/16 over and you don’t have time to waste if you are looking to make improvements. If you lost your matchup in Week 1, then you are probably in a panic. Hey, I lost in both my leagues and I am not worried. Just take […]