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Patriots Sink Dolphins, 27-17

Sunday’s game against the AFC East division rival Miami Dolphins could not have started out more poorly, but the Patriots managed to pull it together late and take down the Fins by a final of 27-17. 1st Quarter Early in the first, the Patriots received the ball at their own 27-yard line, advanced the ball […]

The Dolphins Wildcat Is Enough to Drive Anyone Insane.

Miami has given this great country of ours so much. Want to experience Cuban culture without violating a travel ban? Pack your bags for Miami my friend. Maybe you’d like to kill someone while driving drunk and not be bothered by serving some pesky, extended jail sentence?  Grab those car keys all you  Donte Stallworth […]

Dolphins’ Joey Porter Acting Fishy Yet Again

Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter is at it again ahead of the Patriots-Fins game this Sunday, and he just can’t seem to let Spygate go. The Boston Herald quoted Porter, in a recent conference call, as saying, “With Pittsburgh, some AFC championships we lost back when. Some things came out months later why we lost. So, […]

High Five/Low Five: Week 7

The times, they are a-changin’. Change is everywhere around us lately. The leaves on the trees are going from green to brown and every color in between. One day this week it was 30 degrees and snowing, then 3 days later it was sunny and 70. A change is brewing in the fantasy football world […]

High Five/Low Five – Week 5

This weekend, we celebrate the accomplishments of Christopher Columbus, a spunky young sailor with an “I’ll prove you wrong” attitude. “The world is flat? HA! I’ll show you! I’m going to sail this boat west and come out on the other side…see you in India!” Well Columbus was half right. Indeed, the world was not […]

Jason Taylor Signs With Dolphins

Free agent defensive end Jason Taylor has decided to re-sign with the Miami Dolphins after being cut by the Redskins earlier in the off-season. Taylor preferred playing near his home in South Florida, and joins a Dolphins squad coming off a successful 11-5 season. “My heart has always been in Miami, and so I’m truly […]

NFL to Win Fight Between Matt Light and Channing Crowder

Matt Light and Channing Crowder had a short fight on the field Sunday in the Patriots-Dolphins game, and it was unclear who won. Well, now it’s clear that the NFL will be victorious after the face-shoving, hair-pulling fight.

Cassel Throws for 415 Yards in 48-28 Win

Matt Cassel is going to be a very rich man next season. A free agent after the season, Matt Cassel had his second straight game with 400 yards passing in the 48-28 win over the Dolphins. It was the first time in Patriots history that a quarterback had 400 yards in consecutive games, and also […]

Ronnie Brown Embarrasses the Patriots in 38-13 win

Ronnie Brown absolutely tore through the Patriots defense on Sunday, leading the Dolphins (1-2) to a shocking 38-13 win. The loss broke the Patriots’ NFL record of 21 consecutive regular season victories, and they now stand at 2-1. Brown finished with 113 yards on 17 carries and four rushing touchdowns. He also fooled the Patriots […]

TGIF: OK, Who Else is Overrated? QB and RB Edition

A few weeks ago I mentioned how I thought Adrian Peterson was overrated. Again, I’d like to point out that I know he is an incredible athlete, I was just pointing out why he was not worthy of a top two or even three pick. This put the wheels in my mind in motion and drove me […]

Patriots 28, Dolphins 7 – What We Learned

Jabar Gaffney is making Donte’ Stallworth looking more and more expendable with multiple strong performances in recent weeks.(Courtesy of NFL.com) The Patriots (15-0) jumped out to a 28-0 halftime lead and put it on cruise control in the second half to take care of the now 1-14 Dolphins. The Patriots are now the first team […]

Gametime: Dolphins (1-13) at Patriots (14-0)

Randy Moss caught two of Tom Brady’s six touchdown passes in Week 7 when the Pats led 42-7 at halftime in Miami. (Courtesy of NFL.com) The Game: Miami Dolphins (1-13) at New England Patriots (14-0) The Place: Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Mass. The Time: 4:15pm The Channel: CBS The Skinny: The Patriots are 14-0. The Dolphins […]

Dolphins Cry Foul

Some of the Miami Dolphins players have expressed their displeasure about their 49-28 loss on Sunday to the Patriots, feeling as though New England poured salt into their 0-7 wound by putting Tom Brady back in with a 21 point fourth quarter lead. From the Miami Herald: Some Dolphins players were unhappy about the Patriots […]

Dierdorf Gets it Right

After their fifth TD drive of the day, capped off by a Wes Welker TD catch (Brady’s 5th of the day, 26th of the season), CBS color commentator Dan Dierdorf said it best: “This is now moving into the embarrassing stage for the Miami Dolphins. Bing Bang Bong, right down the field, we’re good, you’re […]

Patriots Unstoppable

The Patriots are showing why they have one of the greatest teams in NFL history this season. Brady is 11-12 with 220 yards and 4 TDs, two of which were jump balls to Randy Moss. Simply incredible. This is one special season.