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Big-Spending Marlins Finally Embracing Miami

I know the Marlins are a small market team. I know they do what they can with young players and then jettison them instead of paying them. I know no one wants to play for them. I know they have a horrible stadium. I know they have horrible uniforms. As long as I’ve cared about […]

Hanley Ramirez to the Red Sox? Maybe it Could Happen

The winter meetings are fully underway, and teams across both leagues are making significant free agent splashes. Perhaps the biggest story, the Miami Marlins are buying players like an American League East team as they prepare for life at a new stadium. The question for Miami is whether or not they will be able to […]

The Tragedy of Team Colors

By no means do I consider myself a fashion guru, but when I saw the Miami Marlins’ new uniforms, I thought it was a joke. Last time I checked the unofficial rules, baseball teams are only allowed two team colors (not including white). Yet for some strange reason, I was okay with it. But because […]

Manny Ramirez Seeks Return: Should He Still Serve Steroids Suspension?

The name ‘Manny Ramirez’ has significant implications in this area. Every New England sports fan can recall some grand memory of the days of Manny patrolling left field at Fenway. The bathroom break in the Green Monster during the non-pitching change, the dugout fight with Kevin Youkilis, the high five to a fan in Baltimore […]