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The Couch Potato Report: Soccer Kicks, Draft Picks, and Get Your Jacko Fix

Another sports-filled weekend is upon us, as June wraps up having featured a crap load of highly entertaining, enjoyable, and in some cases heartbreaking, sports programming. This weekend should add to that, as nearly every sport has something big going on, either on or off the field, from soccer to hockey to tennis, and everything […]

Bob Kraft is a Smooth Criminal

I realize that I’ve already written about the demise of Michael Jackson, among others, but what I didn’t tell you before is that there is a peculiar link between our New England Patriots and the King of Pop. According to reports published in 2005, the Sullivan family’s ill-fated backing of Jacko’s “Victory” tour forced them […]

Beware, Niche Celebrities!

It all started with Ed McMahon.  When the famous TV sidekick died last Tuesday, it was a sad moment, especially if you were old enough to remember him beside Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show.  But, what the hell, these things happen, the man was 86 years old.  Little did we know, that McMahon’s death […]