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The Couch Potato Report: Sox, Softball, and Snooki

During the 2008 Presidential election, we heard both Barack Obama and John McCain use the rhetorical expression “you can’t put lipstick on a pig” multiple times as their respective campaigns waged on towards election day. One of my friends from across the pond has a different way of saying the same thing… “you can’t polish […]

Boston Red Sox – Team of Broken Dreams (And Ribs, And Feet)

We all know the situation; the Red Sox are taking on injuries like the Titanic took on water. It’s not a pretty sight. They’re now three games behind the Rays for the Wild-card, and five behind the Yankees for the division. They went 4-6 in their last 10 games before the All Star break, while […]

Mike Lowell and The Down Low on the Disabled List

On May 31, Oliver Perez tossed 2.2 innings against the Padres. He allowed four hits and gave up two runs. His ERA sat at 6.28 with a 1.97 WHIP and a 30:33 strikeout to walk ratio. Perez had been demoted to the bullpen and while there was some talk of trying to convince the struggling […]

Texts from Theo: The Mike Lowell Situation Part II

With Daisuke Matsuzaka returning to his role of pitching behind in the count and making it insufferable to watch a Red Sox game, space had to be opened up on the 25-man roster—space made by placing the scarcely used Mike Lowell on the 15-day DL with “hip problems.” Of course no one really thinks Lowell’s […]

Manny Ramirez Set to Return to Fenway Park

No one really knows what to expect from Red Sox fans this Friday night. With the Red Sox hosting a three-game interleague series against the Los Angeles Dodgers this weekend, every fan in Red Sox nation is trying to decide how to react when they see Manny Ramirez in Fenway Park again. We’ll probably see […]

The Lowell Question Remains Unanswered

Another day passed, another trade rumor thrown out the window and the question Theo Epstein has been facing for nearly a month remains. What do the Red Sox do with Mike Lowell? Lowell, an elite third baseman for the majority of his career, has found himself to be the odd man out in this year’s […]

Buchholz Out-Duels Greinke in Nail-Biting Pitchers’ Duel

It wasn’t always pretty (in fact, it wasn’t pretty), but the Red Sox defeated the Royals 1-0 in a game in which nobody could get any offense going. Each team mustered only five hits, and only Scott Podsednik of the Royals had multiple hits (one of those an error that was later reversed). The only […]

Hey Lowell, Why the Long Face?

Over the past week or so, it’s been made abundantly clear that Mike Lowell is no longer happy in Boston.  It’s sad, but who can blame him?  Lowell has been fighting injury and giving his all to the Red Sox since 2006, and his efforts have not gone unnoticed.  There’s a reason Red Sox Nation […]

Red Sox 2010 Payroll: $168 Million Sure Doesn’t Buy What it Used to

Talks of a prolonged recession and rampant unemployment have led us all to take money saving strides. We as a nation we’ve begun stretching each and every dollar, car pooling, bargain hunting, skipping concerts, and sporting events we used to go to, to steal a line from John McCain, we’re cutting our pork spending. In the meantime, Theo Epstein’s having […]

Kiss The Season Goodbye; The Red Sox Have

The Yankees won 14-3; what do you expect me to say? That’s a 24-6 loss over two days. Back under .500 again, the Red Sox (or Red Sux, depending on how angry you are) are going to screw up this season, and I for one won’t mind. There’s a lot of nauseating futility to go […]

Regrets Abound Around Lowell Deal

Deep in his heart of hearts, in his soul of souls, in his auras of auras, Theo Epstein must still be comfortable with his decision to sign Mike Lowell to a three year, $37.5 million dollar contract after the 2007 season, even though at this point it may look like something he regrets. Of course, […]

After Rough April, Is It Already Time For Red Sox Fans to Panic?

We know. The Red Sox just had their worst April since 1996, but are we completely screwed? No. Not yet at least. Because it’s all we’ve seen, it’s not hard to imagine that the team that has shown up is the one we’ll have all season. The truth is that things will change, whether it’s […]

It’s Time to Cut the Cord with David Ortiz

Can the Red Sox please bench David Ortiz? Watching Ortiz at bat conjures up the same secondhand embarrassment that I get when I watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, but with a lot less humor, unless you count gross ineptitude as funny (which I do sometimes). Granted, I’m not saying anything that most of us watching have […]

Holy Crap! Red Sox Pound Out 20 Hits, 17 Runs to Beat Angels

Where was this Red Sox team over the weekend against the Orioles — a team that is now 4-2 against the good guys and 3-17 against everyone else? The Red Sox made up for their lack of production over the weekend (…hell, even over the last week) with a 20-hit, 17-run performance against the Los […]

Red Sox Can’t Stop Bleeding Against Bottom Feeding Orioles

This is pathetic. The Red Sox can not for the life of them get it together, getting swept by the league worst Orioles 3-2 in 10 innings Sunday. After Scutaro got caught stealing 3rd base in the 1st, former Sox shortstop Julio Lugo returned the favor in the 3rd, getting thrown out by Varitek at […]