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2013 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: Divisional Round

Now that the Wildcard round is over, the Divisional round is immediately underway. Both Wildcard winners face divisional foes, with those #1 teams (Boston and St Louis) having tied for MLB’s best record. St Louis has kept their winning culture post-Pujols, while Boston has both one of the deadliest and most patient offenses in baseball. […]

2013 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: Wildcard Round Results

The wildcard elimination games are complete, and the best-of-five divisional round series are right on their heels. Perhaps no team is on a bigger roll than the Rays right now, winning two sudden death games in three days (at Texas and at Cleveland) to earn the right to face the Red Sox. Tampa’s stellar pitching […]

2013 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: Wildcard Round

The extensive MLB season is finally complete. By winning a tiebreaker elimination game, the Rays now get to play in a Wildcard elimination against an Indians squad that won its last 10 games in the regular season. At least the Rays get to avoid Ubaldo Jimenez, who pitched Sunday to secure the Indians’ spot. Instead, […]

2013 MLB Expert Picks Results

The MLB season is over, and the final ten teams have been decided. A tiebreaker game kicked Texas out of the equation in favor of Tampa. The Red Sox soared to the top of the standings. The Dodgers won their division, but didn’t run away with things they way some may have thought. Toronto’s blockbuster […]

2013 MLB Expert Picks

The 2013 MLB season is well underway, and it looks to be a good one. Houston is in the American League. Josh Hamilton is with the Angels. Victor Martinez is back. Toronto and the Dodgers look to impress after their blockbuster trades. At least one interleague series all season long will definitely make things interesting […]

2012 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: World Series Results

The World Series is over, and San Francisco took their momentum from taking care of the Cardinals and carried it over into sweeping Detroit, who themselves swept the Yankees to get to the World Series. That means San Francisco won seven straight games to get their title, no easy achievement. Congratulations to the Giants in […]

2012 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: League Championship Series Results

The League Championship Series are over. And whereas the Tigers were highly anticlimactic in sweeping the Yankees, the Giants pulled out the drama yet again, winning three straight elimination games in their second series of the playoffs. Will all that extra work cause too much fatigue? Will Detroit’s extra rest create rust? That’s for later. […]

2012 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: League Championship Series

Now that the League Championship Series are about to commence with the Tigers invading New York, it’s time to present this year’s selections for the LCS Round of the MLB Pick ‘Em. This year’s match-ups of the Tigers/Cardinals and Giants/Cardinals is creating some interesting divides. There’s not much of a consensus on winners, with each […]

2012 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: Divisional Round Results

Baseball is down to its final four, and all four had to march through five-game divisional series to get there. That is sure to leave all teams exhausted with little time to rest up and prepare, which will make things pretty interesting. Trying to pick that thrilling divisional round was interesting as well, with no […]

2012 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: Divisional Round

The Divisional Round is underway, with a full slate of four best-of-five series to look forward to. And thanks to the elimination of the rule prohibiting teams from the same division from facing off in this round, we get to see the Yankees and Orioles slug it out. We also get to see how Washington […]

2012 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: Wildcard Round Results

The first ever Wildcard round is now in the books, and it started off with plenty of controversy. Despite committing three errors, the Braves were launching a comeback in the 8th, when a fly ball to shallow left was put under the infield fly rule despite a long ways to go for the shortstop and […]

2012 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: Wildcard Round

The playoffs are upon us, starting with the first two Wildcard playoff games in MLB History. First up, the Braves host the defending champion Cardinals, followed by the upstart Orioles visiting AL powerhouse Texas. Both games are sure to be interesting, but with the Orioles’ great season and Texas’ struggles, it’s created a divide among […]

2012 MLB Expert Picks Results

The regular season is now over, and it included two divisions decided on the final day. And it included another sizable September collapse, this time by Texas. Fortunately for the two-time defending AL champs, Texas is still hosting the Wildcard game. The Athletics and Orioles surprised everyone, while the Nationals and Reds didn’t catch everyone […]

2012 MLB Expert Picks

It’s time for the new MLB season to get underway, which means it’s time for the annual MLB Pick ‘Em. We here at Sports of Boston (and New York) have brought you our sets of choices for how the standings will shape up at the end of the season. And with the addition of a […]

2011 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: World Series Results

The World Series is now over, which means it’s time to present the results of the SoB/SoNY Pick ‘Em. St. Louis won the series in seven thrilling games, with David Freese getting the rare nod of LCS and World Series MVP, something nobody saw coming. Despite the power of both teams, only one home run […]