// Mo Vaughn

Book Review: How the Red Sox Explain New England

“How the Red Sox Explain New England” is a very interesting account of the history of the Boston Red Sox. Rather than reading like a droll history novel, it is more of a collection of 13 different topics relating to the Red Sox, their players, their history and whatever other fun tidbits fans, athletes and […]

Philly Phlunks in Boston Yet Again

One night after a 12-2 trouncing of the Philadelphia Phillies at Fenway Park, Boston defeated Philadelphia one more time, by the incredibly close score of 10-2. Big news was made before the game began when Daisuke Matsuzaka, freshly recovered from a food-poisoning-induced vomiting Wednesday, was scratched from his starts just moments before the game began. […]

Starving for Power, Sox Turn to Mo Vaughn

With the loss of Jason Bay to free agency, the Red Sox thought first about turning to defense. They signed Mike Cameron to patrol center field, moved Jacoby Ellsbury to left field, and signed Adrian Beltre to play third to build one of the best defensive clubs in years. The formula was simple: pitch better, […]