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Players and Owners End Lockout, Approve New Collective Bagaining Agreement

After 161 days of mind-numbingly frustrating and utterly juvenile bickering between NBA players and owners, the two sides officially ratified the new, 10-year collective bargaining agreement. Finally, finally, the lockout is over. The Final Numbers WEEI.com’s Paul Flannery reported Thursday that the new CBA includes a $58.044 million salary cap, with a luxury tax level […]

Video: Shaq Sings “Get Ready” in TNT Commercial

Just when you thought Shaq would go quietly into a peaceful retirement (OK, no one thought that), the legendary center will be joining TNT when the NBA resumes action on Christmas Day. Shaq, who played the final season of his career in Boston, retired in part due to nagging injuries to his feet and legs. […]

Video: “Big Baby” Reflects on the NBA Lockout

Ever wonder what NBA players did with their down time during the lockout? Hit the clubs? Record a hit rap single? Join a team overseas? Make a cameo on Basketball Wives? Not Glen “Big Baby” Davis. Big Baby stayed productive during his time off, getting in touch with his inner self with some hands-on arts […]

NBA Lockout Ending, Season Set to Open on Christmas

On the heels of Thanksgiving, NBA fans have one more reason to give thanks: Christmas came early this year. After meeting for over 15 hours on Friday, the NBA and the National Basketball Players’ Association reached a tentative agreement in the wee hours of Saturday morning to finally end the lockout after 149 days. Excluding […]

Bruins Den: Giving Thanks for Winning Streaks

Eight games and 21 days into the November, the Boston Bruins (11-7-0) are still yet to lose this month. On their current eight-game winning streak, which has seen them rocket from last place in the Eastern Conference to just two points out of the Northeast Division lead with two games in hand, the Bruins have […]

NBA Lockout Rant: Sorting Out the Mess

What a mess this has become. Have two people ever deserved each other more than David Stern and Billy Hunter? First you have Stern who not only has no control over his owners, but he also has no idea how to sell an offer. Giving everyone the idea that his latest offer was an ‘Ultimatum’ […]

Don’t Call Me a Mailbag: Skip Bayless, Dana White, & Peyton Manning

Welcome to the fourth installment of what I’m tentatively calling “Don’t Call Me A Mailbag.” For a better understanding of what this is, check out the first one. This week we talk about Dana White, Skip Bayless, and the NBA Lockout. In addition to the Yahoo! Answers questions, you will also be able to submit […]

NBA Canceled Through December 15: Is Damage Irreversible?

The NBA officially canceled games through December 15 on Tuesday, killing 26 percent of the season. The cancellation came on the same day that the NBPA decertified, with 15 players joining class-action antitrust lawsuits against the league. With players seeking over $6 billion in damages, it would take a very player-favorable deal to get everyone […]

Don’t Call Me A Mailbag: Stanley Cup Hangovers, Joe Paterno, Leg-Shaving Soccer Players

Welcome to the third installment of  “Don’t Call Me A Mailbag”. For a better understanding of what this is, check out the first one. This week we talk the Bruins getting back on track, Joe Paterno, the NBA lockout, and more! In addition to the Yahoo! Answers questions, you will also be able to submit […]

NBA Lockout Update: Games Cancelled through November

“It’s not practical, possible or prudent to have a full season now.” Not exactly the words NBA fans were hoping to hear from Commissioner David Stern at the end of Friday’s meetings between the players’ union and the owners. Following the latest breakdown at the negotiating table, Stern has officially cancelled games through November 30th, […]

Rajon Rondo is back to 100 Percent Health

Fear not, Celtics fans. Rajon Rondo is 100 percent healthy and ready to take on the rest of the NBA. A gruesome fall during Game 3 against the Miami Heat in last year’s NBA postseason left Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo with a dislocated left elbow. He returned valiantly to play (and play well, […]

Celtics Coach Saves Man’s Life in Newton, Mass.

With the ongoing NBA lockout weighing on basketball fans, the Boston Celtics are making some uplifting news outside the negotiating room with a headline for everyone to enjoy. Celtics Strength and Conditioning Coach Bryan Doo revived a man whose heart stopped during a pick-up basketball game Wednesday at the Hyde Park Community Center in Newton, […]

NBA Players And Owners Meet At Negotiating Table

NBA owners and players met Wednesday for about six hours in an attempt to get the proverbial ball rolling at the negotiating table and hopefully lay the ground work for a new CBA. This was the first bargaining session since August 1 and only the second since the lockout was imposed. Union President and Lakers […]

David Stern Talks to Bill Simmons About the NBA Lockout

It has been incredibly hard to find solid information on the NBA lockout these days. It still seems like the two sides are far apart, and to be honest it doesn’t look like either Billy Hunter or David Stern are taking the conversations seriously yet. Thankfully, David Stern was on the B.S. Report with Bill […]

What the NBA Lockout Means for the Celtics

The NBA lockout is in full swing and no one should be surprised at all. The writing has been on the walls for the past two seasons and now that it is here everyone should bunker down because it’s going to be here for quite some time. There are two sides to this argument. On […]