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Dumb#!@ Twins Trade Johan for Nothing to Mets

Santana delivering to the plate. Now he’ll be doing it for the NL (Courtesy of ESPN.com) I don’t believe there was anyone in baseball who thought the Twins were running this sweepstake right. The talks were rampant when the Yankees and Red Sox were tossing around prospect names to be traded to the Twins. News […]

All Quiet on the Johan Front

Talks have been quiet on day¬†four of the Winter Meetings. Johan doesn’t look to be moving anytime soon. The Twins have been going around to other teams looking to get a better offer than the Red Sox. One team they have talked to is the Seattle Mariners who have CF Adam Jones and P Brandon […]

Pedro Martinez Returns to the Majors

In Pedro Martinez’s first major league start since September 22, 2006, he managed to win against the Reds. “So far, so good,” Pedro said, “It was good enough. I did what I was supposed to do. I got 75 pitches in. I gave my team an opportunity. I felt I settled down after the first […]