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Regarding Newtown, There are No Words, but Maybe We Can Do Better

Here at Sports of Boston, we want to keep the focus on sports and stay away from politics. Politics are just too divisive and too emotional. Sports arguments usually have just a few angles. Political arguments have angles, levels, agendas, religions and more beliefs that I want to mention here. As a website, we had […]

Thoughts on Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy

On Friday morning, Sandy Hook Elementary school kids woke up to get ready for school. Since it was Friday, everyone going to school was in a good mood knowing the weekend was up ahead. These kids woke up, brushed their teeth, ate breakfast, got on the bus and went to school. The 20 kids and […]

A Reaction to the Newtown, Connecticut Shooting

The elementary school shooting that occurred December 14, 2012 will always be remembered as a horrific tragedy, one that will likely spark a number of political and social debates, such as gun control and treatment for those with mental illness. However, after reading numerous Twitter and Facebook posts following the incident in Newtown, Connecticut, I […]