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2009-2010 NFL Playoff Picks: Championship Round Results

Well, how about that? Both #1 seeds advance to the Super Bowl in Miami. Peyton Manning rallied from down 17-6 to beat the Jets 30-17, in Coach Caldwell’s rookie season. The Saints advanced to their franchise’s first Super Bowl ever, thanks in no small part to three Vikings fumbles and two Brett Favre interceptions. That […]

2009-2010 NFL Playoff Picks: Championship Round

Well, we’re certainly having fun, aren’t we? The top six participants are all within three points of each other. The Jets’ heroics last week has three experts out of nine picking them this week to advance to the Super Bowl. The Colts have never beaten the Jets in the post-season, though the two game sample […]

2009-2010 NFL Playoff Picks: Divisional Round Results

After a thrilling second round, I think we can all say we don’t care much for KC after the Jets game. Or we would if he hadn’t switched his Saints picks to the Cardinals. We owe you one. The Ravens and Cowboys each were held to a measly field goal. The Jets upset the Chargers […]

2009-2010 NFL Playoff Picks: Divisional Round

The Wildcard Round was filled with plenty of surprises, leading to what should be a fun divisional round. The Colts can’t seem to get it together in the divisional round after resting players; will a new coach and an opponent who isn’t the Chargers make a difference? The Bengals are one thing, but how will […]

2009-2010 NFL Playoff Picks: Wildcard Round Results

Let me tell you, what a thrilling Wildcard Round. The Jets continued surging forward, as did the Cowboys (the only SoB favored team to actually win). The Patriots were destroyed by the Ravens, and the Packers came back only to lose 51-45 in overtime, setting all kinds of records. But never fear, those of you […]

2009-2010 NFL Playoff Picks: Wildcard Round

It’s that time of year again. The NFL playoff schedule is set, and it a lot of drama to get there. Dallas racked up consecutive shutouts (over Washington and Philadelphia) for the first time in franchise history. It looks like their December/January slump might be over. We also saw Wes Welker go down for the […]

2009-2010 NFL Pick ‘Em: Results

Another season complete, another Pick ‘Em decided. Most of us were laughing at Teddy and Ty for picking the Bengals and Jets to make the playoffs, but who’s laughing now. The Steelers are the surprise of the season, as the unanimous AFC North pick is sitting at home now. The Titans, Giants, Falcons, and Panthers […]

2009-2010 NFL Pick ‘Em: Who’s Going to the Playoffs?

This past week marked the first week of yet another NFL season. The “experts” of Sports of Boston have rallied together once again, along with some new faces, for the biggest NFL Pick ‘Em ever. After I won last year’s Pick ‘Em, I have my work cut out for me this year with 16 other […]

Super Bowl XLIII Expert Picks

The Patriots may not be in the big game this year, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy a good ol’ fashioned Super Bowl Pick ‘Em. Two of our staff writers, Geoff and Reid, have the exact same picks. If they tie for the win, a coin flip will decide the winner of the […]

2008 NFL Pick ‘Em Results

Before the season, the Sports of Boston staff filled out their NFL playoff brackets. Who was going to the playoffs? We may seem a little dumb with our selections, but give us a break. We made these picks in early September. There was no way to know how good the Falcons would actually be, and […]

NFL Pick ‘Em: Who’s Going to the Playoffs?

Welcome to the NFL Pick ‘Em. Here is where Sports of Boston’s “expert” staff will put their gridiron knowledge to the test. A couple of us are apparently still bitter about the Super Bowl loss, leaving the Giants out of the playoffs altogether (which I suppose is entirely possible in the tough NFC East). SoB […]