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2011 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is here at last, and though the Patriots aren’t in it, we here at SoB are pretty much all in agreement that Green Bay will bring the Lombardi Trophy back to the home of Vince Lombardi. There’s not much disagreement, but with double the points on all categories, anyone can still win. […]

2011 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Pro Bowl Results

The Pro Bowl is over, and it certainly didn’t start well for the Hoodie’s crew, as the NFC quickly jumped out to a 42-0 lead. At least he got to coach Matt Cassel again. Each of the AFC’s quarterbacks was picked at least once, contributing to six turnovers on the day. While we thought there […]

2011 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Pro Bowl

With the Super Bowl coming up in a week, it’s time for the annual Pro Bowl, in sunny Hawaii. A belated Mele Kalikimaka to you all. With so many stars on each side, the expected result of a 50/50 split of predictions between the AFC and NFC winning has been realized. But through all that […]

2011 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Conference Championships Results

The Super Bowl is set. It’s the #6 Packers vs the #2 Steelers. Two very talented quarterbacks lead just as talented teams. Riddled with injuries, the Packers are still the team to beat in many circles. Pittsburgh, though, held off a furious comeback attempt by a team that knocked off Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. […]

2011 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Conference Championships

We’re down to the Conference Championships. The oldest football rivals meet up for just the second time in the playoffs, and all of us think that it will go better for the Packers this time around. Though the last time we made a unanimous prediction, the Patriots threw in the towel, so we’ll see what […]

2011 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Divisional Round Results

Well, I think we’re all disappointed. The Jets are in the AFC title game again, thanks to more Patriots’ home post-season ineptitude. There’s still a chance that both #6 seeds could reach the Super Bowl; how strange would that be? Out of all the teams getting the majority of our picks, only the Bears survived. […]

2011 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Divisional Round

The Divisional Round is here, with two divisional match-ups. And our remaining staff is here to give you our picks for how it will turn out. Most noticeably, Seattle’s impressive upset has gotten them three nods of respect this week, but they’ll be outside on the road this week. The Ravens are narrow favorites to […]

2011 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Wildcard Round Results

Well, that was a surprising week. Seattle started things off by upending the defending champs; they were the only home team to win. Then the Jets finally beat Peyton Manning when he didn’t take a half off on a field goal at the buzzer. Then Baltimore throttled Kansas City, and finally Green Bay held off […]

2011 NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Wildcard Round

A sincere welcome to the NFL Playoffs, which are here at last. Five new teams made the cut from last year, one of them at 7-9. Shall the rules for getting in be altered? We’ll see. During each game, the nine participants will guess the winner of the game (worth two points), the total number […]

2010-2011 NFL Expert Picks: Results

The season is over, and so is the NFL Pick ‘Em here at SoB. And pretty much everyone was caught off-guard. Particularly with the NFC, nobody guessed any division winners correctly; the only winners anyone guessed right were the Colts and Patriots. Nobody guessed the Pats would get the top spot in the NFL, but […]

2010-2011 NFL Expert Picks

Finally, it’s time once more for the NFL Pick ‘Em. With an impending work stoppage in 2011, let’s enjoy it while we can, shall we? New York (okay, New Jersey) got the Super Bowl, Sam Bradford got $50 million guaranteed without ever touching a ball in the NFL, and the Pats were the latest Boston […]

2009-2010 NFL Super Bowl & Playoff Picks: Final Results

After a thrilling Super Bowl, multiple records were set or tied. The NFC has now won 13 coin tosses in a row, which has a probability of 1/1892, or .0122%. When the Saints attempted (and recovered) an onside kick to kick off the second half, they attempted the first ever pre-4th quarter onside kick in […]

2009-2010 NFL Super Bowl Picks

It’s time for the final round of SoB’s annual NFL Playoff Pick ‘Em. The Super Bowl features a lightning round with five bonus categories. Also included is a tiebreaker, just in case, in which participants predicted the length, in minutes and seconds, of the longest drive of the game. Brian is currently in the lead […]

2009-2010 NFL Pro Bowl Picks Results

For those of you who haven’t been following along, the Pro Bowl was a high scoring, back and forth contest for the ages. It was a huge shootout the ended with the AFC on top, 41-34, to tie the overall series at 20-20. Brian is currently leading the SoB Pick ‘Em game by one, but the Super Bowl […]

2009-2010 NFL Pro Bowl Picks

The Colts and Saints will meet in the Super Bowl in Miami, but first, we have some Pro Bowl business to attend to. The Pro Bowl will be Round 4 of SoB’s NFL Playoff Pick ‘Em, and the roster moves provide plenty to think of. With Super Bowl players forbidden from playing in the Pro […]