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NFL Power Rankings through Week 14

Fourteen weeks have come and gone, and there are six teams with 10 wins, four teams with eight wins, another six teams with seven wins, and one team that should just quit while it’s ahead. In other words, I hope you all have the tiebreaker rules straightened out. As always, I’ll take you on a tour through the […]

NFL Power Rankings through Week 10

All is well in the world after the Patriots won Sunday night. My friend who happens to be a Jets fan might disagree (just a hunch based on the number of expletive-ridden texts he sent me over the course of the second half), but as far as I’m concerned, I have never had a more […]

NFL Power Rankings through Week 9

The first week of the second half of the 2011 NFL season is over, and the results have me just as confused as you probably are after trying to read the first part of this sentence (translation: Week 9 happened). It is total anarchy from spots 2-31, with only the top team and the bottom […]

NFL Power Rankings through Week 8

Week 8 brought the trend of Tebowing to an end (I hope), gave us one less team without a win, caused me to scold Chris Johnson, and led to losses by three of my top ten teams. (I’ll get over the Patriots loss eventually hopefully please don’t talk about it.) Plus, I bring you the […]

NFL Power Rankings through Week 7

Week 7 may be over, but there is a lot to digest. London was forced to confront their very notion of “football,” Tim Tebow took over as a starting quarterback, and Carson Palmer came out of retirement (at least technically) for the Oakland Raiders. As I do each week, I’ll assess each team’s performance and […]

NFL Power Rankings through Week 6

Welcome back to the third installment of my weekly NFL Power Rankings! With way too much time on my hands passing for expertise, I rank how each team has performed through six weeks of football. Take a look to see who is moving up in the world, and who is falling back to reality. I […]

NFL Power Rankings through Week 5

Welcome back to my weekly NFL Power Rankings! With Week 5 in the books, how do the teams stack up?  Who has raised their NFL stock, and who has shown their true colors and proven that they actually suck? Without further ado, my expert NFL Rankings of good news and suckitude through Week 5 (last […]

NFL Power Rankings through Week 4

Welcome to my NFL Power Rankings, where I rank all 32 teams from worst to first based on their performance through the first four weeks. Where do the resurgent Detroit Lions rank? How do the New England Patriots measure up against the rest of the competition? Be not afraid, SoB readers, I have all the […]

Rating the NFL: What’s Going on so Far?

Something’s not right in the NFL. The Chiefs are winning, the Cowboys aren’t and the Colts and Saints are merely average. So what’s going on, where will it lead, and where do the teams currently stack up against each other? That’s what we all want to know. While everyone pretty much agrees that the Bills […]