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2011-2012 NHL Expert Picks

The NHL season is upon us already, and the Bruins are ready to start their title defense. And Winnipeg is back in the NHL after Atlanta relocated. They’ll be in the Southeast this year until the NHL decides on how to realign the league. So it’ll be interesting to see how the new travel routes […]

2011 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Stanley Cup Finals Results

At long last, the Bruins have won a Stanley Cup. They destroyed the Canucks in all three games in Boston, and the pressure of nearly dropping all of the previous three games at home finally got to Vancouver in Game 7. Of course, Tim Thomas didn’t help Vancouver’s cause, either. Though he did help out […]

2011 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Stanley Cup Finals

The Stanley Cup Finals start Wednesday, but we here at SoB have readied our thoughts on how it will all turn out. Tim Thomas and Roberto Luongo anchor two impressive squads itching to take home the trophy. Can the Bruins improve their power play enough to have a shot? Can Vancouver keep up the pressure […]

2011 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: 3rd Round Results

After an exciting third round, the Boston Bruins are back in the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1990, 21 years ago. But with plenty of rest and home-ice advantage, the Canucks should be more than up to the challenge. The series winners were rather easy to predict, with only one wrong answer […]

2011 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: 3rd Round

The next round is about to start, and the Bruins have gone three rounds deep after a few disappointing seasons. But the explosive Lightning are right there with them. San Jose really had to work hard to put Detroit out of their misery, and Vancouver might need that extra couple of days of rest. Or […]

2011 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: 2nd Round Results

The third round is nearly upon us, and the second round featured many surprises on the way there. A top seed was swept, Boston got some revenge for 2010, and the top two Westerners had to work for their spots. Here at SoB, the Bruins put some room between the leaders and the rest of […]

2011 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: 2nd Round

The second round is upon us, and it opens with the anti-comeback kings Vancouver taking on the staunch defense of Nashville. No matter, as both West series were unanimously picked winner-wise. The Capitals were very popular, while Philadelphia gets the slight edge over Boston and their incompetent power play. The East also provided a greater […]

2011 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: 1st Round Results

The first round was full of nail biters, that’s for sure. Four series, three of them in the east, went seven games. We almost saw another 0-3 team win the series. Boston won after being down 0-2 for the first time ever. And with a sweep, the Red Wings will be well-rested for the Sharks. […]

2011 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: 1st Round

With the playoffs here, it’s time for us here at SoB to give you our choices for the first round. Who will move on? How long will it take them? In general, there’s a fair amount of agreement. Seven of the series winners were picked unanimously or with one deviation. The other series was an […]

2010-2011 NHL Expert Picks Results

The season is over, which means it’s time to announce the results of SoB’s annual NHL Pick ‘Em for the regular season. It was a fun season to watch, and the Canadiens and Bruins will continue the excitement in the postseason. So be sure to keep an eye on that. In this year’s Pick ‘Em, […]

2010-2011 NHL Expert Picks

The NHL season is underway, and we here at Sports of Boston are proud to present our annual Pick ‘Em for the regular season. It may be a little light this year, but there’s plenty to talk about. Most notably, we all have mad love for the Washington Capitals, with all four of us picking […]

NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Stanley Cup Finals Results

It’s finally over, and the Blackhawks are Stanley Cup champions for the first time since 1961. Patrick Kane scored the game winner in OT, and he was the only one who noticed that the puck went through the net. Not the way the Blackhawks thought the Cup would be won, but whatever. 47 goals were […]

NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Stanley Cup Finals

The final battle for the Stanley Cup is underway, with Philadelphia (boo!) against Chicago (sic ’em). At least the whole Bruins blowing it thing has been dropped after the Celtics didn’t do the same thing. Random no-name goalies (at least to start the season) Michael Leighton and Antti Niemi will man the nets for the […]

2010 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Round 3 Results

That was a quick round, featuring a Blackhawks sweep of the Sharks and the Flyers tossing aside the Canadiens in five. As a result, both teams now have until Saturday to rest up and prepare. It’s not like it was even that difficult for the Blackhawks and Flyers to advance. All SportsCenter could talk about […]

2010 NHL Playoffs Expert Picks: Round 3

No more Bruins, no problem. At least for the Canadiens, right? They beat two of the best teams around, and now they face a #7 team that just finished beating an injured team, and is down to their backup goalie. And the Sharks don’t do well in the playoffs, but have forged ahead to the […]