Video: Fake Brett Favre ‘What Should I Do?’ LeBron James Nike Commercial

Remember LeBron’s “What Should I Do?” Nike commercial? Made you puke, right? Remember Brett Favre’s sexting scandal? Jenn Sterger? How about his four retirements? His Wrangler Jeans commercials? That’s all now been combined into one funny parody. Check it out: (NSFW: Sexually eplicit language is used in the video)

LeBron’s New Commercial: Failure Any Way You Look at it

During the Celtics game against the Heat, I was content pretty much the entire time. The team played outstandingly well, Miami flopped, and the Celtics got the win. What more could you ask for? I enjoyed every part, except one. One blemish on an otherwise great night with my friends, watching my favorite sport. The […]

Video: New Tiger Woods Nike Commercial is Borderline Disturbing

If you haven’t seen the new Nike commercial with Tiger Woods, save yourself — you don’t want to see it. Sorry. The borderline-disturbing commercial, which was shot in black-and-white, has Tiger sitting stone-faced in front of the camera, with his dead father speaking in the background and saying “Have you learned your lesson?” The only […]