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All Super Bowl Commercials

NFL Fanhouse has all the Super Bowl ads in case you missed them or want to see them again. Click here to see all of the ads! What was your favorite commercial? I enjoyed the Google commercial, a couple of the Bud Light commercials, and the Snickers ad featuring Betty White.

Washington Capitals Red Rockers: Sarah’s Favorite Book

With the Bruins facing the Captials Tuesday night, we want to take a look at all angles of the match-up. Sarah, a member of the Washington Capitals Red Rockers (their version of the Bruins’ Ice Girls), is an attractive lady with a a big future ahead of her (she’s a George Mason University graduate with […]

Joe Lauzon’s Return Falls Short

Joe Lauzon, UFC Lightweight fighter and the pride of East Bridgewater, MA, made his return to the Octagon on Saturday night at UFC 108. Unfortunately, it was not the return we were hoping for. Lauzon took on Sam Stout in one of the best matches of the night that went the distance and ended with […]

Tiger Woods Wins Associated Playa’s Playa of the Year Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Associated Playas, the planet’s largest organization of pimps and playas – as well as nymphos and maneaters, since the recent Supreme Court decision – is proud to offer its Playa of the Year award to none other than Tiger Woods, whose masterful swinging of the wood has inspired us all to […]

Red Sox Decline Option On Alex Gonzalez

On Sunday, the Red Sox declined the $6 million option they held on Alex Gonzalez for the 2010 season.  By declining his option the Red Sox find themselves without an everyday shortstop on the roster.  Is this the end of Gonzalez’s second stint with the Red Sox or is free agency a more favorable route […]

Top 10 Scariest Situations in Sports

So it’s Halloween and I got to thinking: what are the scariest situations in sports? Here’s what I came up with. Feel free comment below and add your own situations! Honorable Mentions LeBron on the Prowl During a Breakaway Racing Usain Bolt The Goalie on a Hockey Breakaway Defending Shaq in his Prime Dealing with […]