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The Mishandled Career of Jackie Bradley Jr.

Jackie Bradley Jr. was sent down to the Pawtucket Red Sox on Monday. When asked by reporters about the move, he said he was “disappointed” in himself. The truth is the Red Sox should be disappointed in themselves for not handling this player better. The mishandling of Bradley began last season when the Red Sox had […]

Stephen Drew May Get MRI for Pulled Oblique

Stephen Drew has spent more time on the Boston Red Sox bench than on the field, a trend that will continue through Friday due to a strained oblique. Drew pulled his right oblique muscle during practice in Baltimore on Wednesday. He was examined on Thursday to determine whether an MRI would be needed Friday.

The Hidden Damages of Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin

The Miami Dolphins just went changed their colors from orange and teal to perhaps the only certifiably uglier color combination of black and white. In lieu of guard Richie Incognito’s voicemail left for Jonathan Martin, the Dolphins have suspended Incognito indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team; just days after Martin left the team for […]

For Wilfork and Mayo, 2012 May Be Their Best Year Yet

The Houston game on Monday night was, in a way, a coming out party for the Patriots defense. Facing their toughest offense since Peyton Manning came to town, the defense looked aggressive, energetic, and eager to prove they could hold anyone – even the #2 ranked offense in the NFL – down when they play […]

Jerod Mayo’s Tackling Anchors Patriots Defense

If you can only do one thing in the NFL, make sure you do it fantastically. Chicago’s Devin Hester is almost exclusively a punt-returner, but he’s the best punt-returner there’s ever been. Dallas’ Dan Bailey is just a place-kicker, but he’s only missed once in a season in which seven of the Cowboys’ 11 games […]

Fantasy Sports: I Don’t Get It!

I love watching sports. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, definitely. I love pro and college sports. I also like more archaic sports, such as beach or indoor volleyball. I’ll watch certain kinds of combat sports, such as the World Combat League on Vs., and I’ve even been known to watch a horse race or two. I […]

Defending the Fans After NBA All-Star Game Vote

To the outsider, there are several oddities to this year’s NBA All-Star Game. Most notably: Kevin Garnett and Allen Iverson as starters. There are certainly some decent arguments against their selections. The most obvious one is that both players have missed significant playing time due either to injury (Garnett) or not actually being a starter […]

Favre Returns to the NFL…Again

Brett Favre announced on Tuesday that he would be returning to the NFL, signing a $25 million, two-year contract with the Minnesota Vikings. After last season, he announced that he would retire from the NFL in February, but he obviously cannot stay away from either the lure of football or money. At this point in […]

Female Sox “Fans” Need to Know Their Place

Uh-oh! Hot button topic on the horizon! Let the record show that I am not aiming this rant at every female Red Sox fan. The demographic that I am taking a no holds barred, blatant shot at are the females who root for the Red Sox, but are not full-blooded fans. Yes, you may have […]

Should There Be a DH in the NL?

In January, World Series hero Pat Burrell left the National League to sign with the Tampa Bay Rays of the American League to be their everyday designated hitter. At 32, Pat Burrell still presents a power threat in any lineup, but his defense in left field has grown suspect in recent years. In 2008, for […]

A Letter to Matt Millen

Dear Matt, I am writing to you because you have managed to do something remarkable. You took a once semi-proud franchise and ran them into the ground. You took an enthusiastic fan base and made them more concerned about the Pistons and Red Wings than the Lions, in a country where that is very hard […]

How the Red Sox Handled Manny Ramirez

There never ceases to be drama around Manny Ramirez. The newest revelation is that after Manny refused to play two games, the Boston Red Sox had drafted up and submitted an official letter of intent to suspend Ramirez. We already knew of the displeasure that had been in the organization because Manny refused to play […]

Yankees, Mets Quiet in October

This year has provided a rare occurrence for New York: both baseball teams did not make the playoffs. Now, despite the recent increased competitiveness of the Mets, their fans are more used to failure than Yankees fans are. So for their fans, switching focus to something else in October or watching the Yankees would not […]

Ed Hochuli Mistake: No Cause for Concern

Ed Hochuli made a pretty big mistake in Week 2, one that might’ve cost the San Diego Chargers their first win on the season. For those who don’t know what I’m referring to, in the San Diego-Denver Week 2 game, Denver was on offense and Jay Cutler received the snap, went to throw the football […]

Was the Hit on Tom Brady Dirty?

Because the Boston sports messiah went down to a major knee injury from a hit from the opposing team, we have had a silly question proposed. We already know the NFL ruled the hit legal, which is a ruling I agree with. But was Bernard Pollard’s intent to injure Tom Brady. In my opinion, if […]