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Will the Yankees Make the Playoffs?

What are you talking about? You must be kidding me. We know the team is going to go 24-2 in the last month of the season. Cano’s going to hit .700, Pavano’s going to start 20 games during the month and win 19 of them (and then explode in the 20th, we all know he’s […]

Spygate and BALCO Case Are Similar

I know this commentary on the topic is much behind the time, but it’s still important to note the similarities in how sportscasters and the general populace have reacted. Spygate, BALCO and the Tim Donaghy betting scandal all have a lot of similarities with a league having loose regulations to the point that people took […]

MLB: Speeding Up Games, Good or Bad?

In late May, Major League Baseball asked its teams to reinforce rules that pertain to speeding up the games. A nine-inning game in 2008 is averaging 2 hours, 51 minutes, 42 seconds. Just five years ago, games were 5 1/2 minutes shorter than they are today. Many people view longer games as a growing epidemic […]

Thankfully, Flopping in the NBA Will Be Ending

(This is apart of Sports of Boston’s extensive coverage of the NBA Finals) Last week, when it was announced that the NBA would begin fining players for flopping, I came quite close to clapping about the story when I first saw it. One of the reasons the NBA has become pretty unwatchable, to me, is […]

SI Does Not Know Why People Really Go To Ballparks

Every year Sports Illustrated likes to do ballpark rankings to show which parks are the best to go to. And just like many major surveys by sports media organizations, it doesn’t get to the heart of what fans care about. I only wish the easy explanation for why it was done in this manner is […]

How to Fix the Knicks

Knicks PG Stephon Marbury needs to leave New York if they want to be successful in the future.(Courtesy of NBA.com) I’m not gonna call myself a self-proclaimed expert on NBA player personnel decisions, but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the New York Knicks are a mess right now. It’s easier for Boston […]