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“Shut the F— Up”: Riley, Ainge Exchange Pleasantries over LeBron’s Officiating Complaints

On Wednesday, the Chicago Bulls ended the Miami Heat’s franchise-record winning streak at 27 games with a 101-97 win, a game in which LeBron James recorded 32 points, 7 rebounds and 4 blocks. James, however, was not about to graciously accept the end of the second-longest win streak in NBA history, instead choosing to go […]

A Letter To Ray Allen from a Boston Fan

In light of Ray Allen’s departure from Boston, arrival in Miami, and the comments he made in his press conference, I would like to deliver a response from a devoted Boston fan. One of the comments that stood out to me the most was when Allen said, “Forever, I’ll always be a Celtic.” With all […]

Why Celtics Fans Should Love “The Decision,” Part II

I’ve showed you five of the 10 reasons Celtics fans should love LeBron’s decision to sign with the Miami Heat. I’m crazy, right? Wrong. Well…right. But wrong in this case. Here’s the final five reasons Celtics fans will be happy to have a big rival in south Florida. 6. Pat Riley continues to cast a […]

Why Celtics Fans Should Love “The Decision,” Part I

If you’re like me, you were sick of “The Decision” before it was even made. The hype of the last two years all collapsed into a 24-hour revolving door of rumors with no validity and endless speculation. “The Decision” came, it went, and I couldn’t be happier it’s finally over. Cleveland feels betrayed, okay I […]

Why Sam Cassell Can Be a Good Coach

In this edition of the Four-Point Play, I’ll give four reasons (four points) why Sam Cassell will be a good future coach in the NBA. I’ll also make reference to Josh Howard’s stupid remarks about the “Star Spangled Banner.” Sam Cassell will be a good NBA coach. Here’s four reasons why: 1. Sam Cassell was […]