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Troy Brown Elected to Patriots Hall of Fame

Troy Brown‘s statistics will probably keep him out of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Other than a few special teams accomplishments, Brown just never did enough to be considered among the best in the NFL. Still, some honor is definitely due to the Pro Bowler who played in five Super Bowls and retired as […]

Remembering Drew: A Look Back as Bledsoe Gets Patriot HOF Nod

The Boston sports scene has changed drastically this decade. Before being considered a “Title-town”, Boston fans knew hardship like Ashton Kutcher’s agent knows a bad movie script. (Excuse me, I was just coerced into watching No Strings Attached, which was as realistic as Inception and Avatar… COMBINED.) The pre-cursor to Tom Terrific, KG, and Cowboy […]

Is Rodney Harrison A Hall-of-Famer?

Does someone with the stigma of being one the dirtiest players in NFL history deserve a place in the Hall of Fame? For many New Englanders, the answer would be an absolute yes. For six seasons, Rodney Harrison was a definitive leader on the field for the Patriots. He was a two-time Superbowl Champion, two-time […]

Jim Nance Named to Patriots Hall of Fame

Patriots fans have cast their votes. Today, the Patriots announced that fullback Jim Nance has earned the honor of becoming the 14th player and the first running back to be inducted into the team’s hall of fame. Nance played for the Patriots from 1965-1971, and was named to the Pro Bowl twice. He finished his […]