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Clay Buchholz Rises Above Cheating Allegations

The implications of a cheating accusation in baseball can be enormous. Jack Morris, a color commentator for the Toronto Blue Jays radio broadcast, put Clay Buchholz and the Boston Red Sox at risk of these implications when he accused the starting pitcher of throwing a “spitter.” However, the hard throwing righty demonstrated mental fortitude and […]

Phil Jackson is Feeling the Stress

I might even go out on a limb and say Phil Jackson’s rattled right now. Earlier this week, Jackson did his ceremonial passive-aggressive trash talk to one of the opposing teams better players. As reported by the Boston Globe, Jackson said Boston has “a smackdown mentality’’ and that Garnett “was smacking Howard’s arm and finally […]

NBA Playoffs 2010: Celtics-Lakers NBA Finals Series Preview

Other than Cavaliers-Lakers, it’s the matchup the NBA was hoping for, and they got it. For the second time in three seasons, the Boston Celtics will butt heads with their arch rival, the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. The Celtics come into the contest with a veteran, battle-tested group, ready to claim its […]

I Hate L.A.; Five Reasons to Loathe the Lakers

With the NBA Finals only hours away, and with Lakers reporters acting beyond childish, it is time to resurrect the Top 5 reasons for Boston Celtics fans to hate all things Los Angeles Lakers. No. 1 Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant is an awesome basketball player. The NBA’s best player debate is a two-man race between […]

Nate Robinson: The Diminutive Dandy

“Stay engaged. At some point you’re going to win a game for us. I can’t tell you when. I can’t tell you when you’re going to play. I can’t tell you if you’re going to play, on what night at least, but at some point you’re going to win a game for us.” – Doc […]

Tom Thibodeau To Go?

The NBA coaching carousel never stops spinning and the current darling of the circuit is Boston Celtics assistant coach and defensive wunderkind Tom Thibodeau, who has drawn interest from the New Orleans Hornets, Chicago Bulls, and New Jersey Nets. In light of the Celtics recent defensive lapses against the Orlando Magic, and with ESPN reporting […]

Belichick’s Revealed as 2nd Highest Paid Coach

It has finally come out. Bill Belichick’s salary has been made public. Forbes Magazine recently released an article exposing the top 10 coaching salaries in American sports. Belichick’s salary ranks second among active coaches at $7.5 million per year behind Phil Jackson’s ridiculous $10.3 million annual salary. And with questions over Jackson’s future as a […]

NBA Threatens Criticism of Officials With Suspensions

NBA Commissioner David Stern is fed up with constant complaining about referees and officiating, calling it “corrosive” to the game. He is now threatening to suspend players and coaches who do so instead of the standard $35,000 fine. This announcement came in the wake of fines against Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy and Forward Matt […]

Celtics Remaining Schedule: Scuffling for Seeds to End the NBA Season

With just over two weeks left in the season, teams are engaging in their last minute pushes to improve their position. Except for the Celtics, that is, who were embarrassingly slaughtered from start to finish by the Spurs on Sunday. When an opponent can look like the UConn women against you, that’s never a good […]

Phil Jackson Passes Red Auerbach, Wins 10th NBA Title

Phil Jackson won his 10th NBA Championship Sunday night, setting the NBA record for most as a head coach. He passed Celtics legend Red Auerbach, who won nine NBA titles as a head coach, including a record eight in a row. Jackson won his first six titles with the Bulls of the 1990s, led by […]