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If the Playoffs Started Today – NBA Week 10

A full ten weeks into the season, plenty of surprises are still in place. The Bobcats and Bucks are still hanging onto playoff spots, as are the Thunder. Even the Clippers, who were up by nine at the half “at home” against the Lakers late, are just three games out of the brackets. And the […]

Suns Burn Depleted Celtics 116-98

You knew the Celtics would be in trouble Wednesday night against the high-powered Suns, as the vaunted “Big Three” had been reduced to one after injuries took down Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. The “one” remaining member of the talented trio, Ray Allen, poured in a poor effort and as a result, the Celtics looked a […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – NBA Week 9

Coming up on the end of 2009, the NBA season still has plenty of excitement left. Three East teams are still sub-.500 and in the playoff picture. The Lakers are taking control of the West while the East is once more up for grabs. A six-game Cavaliers winning streak is the longest active one in […]

SoB NBA Power Rankings: 12-30-09

Hello loyal readers, and welcome to the second edition of Sports of Boston’s bi-weekly NBA Power Rankings. We decided to set it up a little different this week. Four of our experts (Andrew Kipp, KC, Teddy Byrne, and John Scullane) ranked who they think are the top 10 teams in the NBA . The teams […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – NBA Week 8

Some interesting moves have occurred this past week. The Bulls just can’t seem to get their act together. The surging Knicks are just half a game out of a playoff spot. After winning their first ten home games, the Suns have lost their last two. The Lakers and Celtics both look to be getting back […]

SoB NBA Power Rankings 12-18-2009

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the first installment of Sports of Boston’s bi-weekly NBA Power Rankings. In my rankings, the defending champion Lakers claim the No. 1 spot, followed closely by the 2007-2008 champion Celtics.  The surprising Atlanta Hawks sit at No. 3, while Dwayne Wade’s Heat sneak in to claim the last […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – NBA Week 7

What fun we’re having. The Celtics are starting to build a mini lead in the conference. Three sub-.500 teams are in the playoffs, giving the best teams a virtual bye. The Lakers are doing just as well as everyone thought, but they’re not running amok with the West. Yao-less Houston is still pushing for a […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – NBA Week 6

Things are hot, with both conferences’ 8 seeds leading their closets contenders by half a game. The West is once again making its case for the elite conference, with not one team below .500 team in sight of a playoff spot. Speaking of which, the Nets actually won last week. Twice. And they’re only 15.5 […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – NBA Week 5

Another week, another set of shakeups. The Suns are dropping, and the Nets set a new NBA record Wednesday by dropping their 18th straight game to start the season. Washington and Charlotte are coming up nicely, while Milwaukee is slipping from early season highs. And our personal favorite, the Celtics, are starting to once again […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – NBA Week 4

We’re a month through the NBA season, and plenty of strong teams are vying for early winning streaks, pride, and momentum. The Suns are holding off the perennially dominant Lakers in the West (with the Nuggets and Mavericks not far behind), while the Hawks are beating out the Big Three teams (Celtics, Cavaliers, and Magic) […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – NBA Week 3

It’s been fun so far, with plenty of surprise teams making a run at the brackets in the early going. And the Nets have turned into the Detroit Lions of basketball, starting 0-12. Wouldn’t 0-82 be awesome to see? Despite the roughness of the two-game stretch, the Celtics are jumping back to where we expected, […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – NBA Week 2

It’s been a fun week. The Bulls lost to the Nuggets when a basket, under review, was deemed fired off too late. The Celtics and Suns continue to impress. And Milwaukee leading the division? Pabst Blue Ribbon is a more popular Wisconsin product. And we’ve got the Mavs holding onto the division over the Spurs, […]

Suns Run Past Celtics 110-103

Through the first six games, the Celtics had mostly dominated the competition, going 6-0. Friday night, the 4-1 Suns came to town with a fast-paced offensive style, looking to hand the Celtics their first loss this season. The two teams make up the typical Offense vs. Defense match-up: the Celtics hadn’t allowed any team to […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – NBA Week 1

Plenty of action has already manifested itself, and we’re only through a week of the season. The Celtics are still undefeated, sharing the honor with Denver as the only unbeaten teams left. However, the close call with Minnesota was a tad much for my taste. After trying twice unsuccessfully, Denver is finally looking like they […]

If the Playoffs Started Today – NBA Preseason

It’s been a big preseason so far, with many new rosters and strategies to test out across the league. We’ve seen plenty of teams have their positions in the standing from last year shaken up, while several new faces have jumped into the fray. And we’ve seen plenty of regular season starters get regular playing […]