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Fantasy Owners Should Stay With Clay

After Clay Buchholz missed his turn in the rotation with an injury he may or may not have incurred from sleeping on his shoulder in a weird position, alarm bells immediately went off across the fantasy universe. True, the 28-year-old righty was off to the best start of his career with a record of 7-0 […]

What Should the Red Sox do About Josh Beckett?

It seems many fans have found their scapegoat for 2011’s collapse in starter Josh Beckett. Yes, it’s true he was the ring leader in the whole fried chicken and beer “issue,” but that doesn’t mean we need to run him out-of-town. Before I use numbers to state my case, can we please stop with this […]

2010 Fantasy Baseball Pitcher Rankings

Oh yeah, we need some pitching on our teams! There are two sides to every pitching staff. You can either drafts a good rotation and some closers, or you can be that guy who is a serial streamer. Well, streamers should just turn back now as you will have absolutely no use for a list of […]