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Alex Rodriguez & Poker: Gambling With His Career?

Earlier this week, Star Magazine alleged that Alex Rodriguez had participated in at least one poker game at the home of record executive Cody Leibel. The report claimed that at one late 2009 game, cocaine was present and a fight broke out over Leibel’s failure to pay a debt. Rodriguez reportedly attempted to keep his […]

Paul Pierce Eliminated from World Series of Poker

With NBA lockout negotiations not going so well, Celtics captain Paul Pierce is looking to make money through other avenues. Incredibly, Pierce spent $10,000 to enter himself into the World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas, and outlasted more than half of the field of 2,031 (he spent a total of 17 hours, 40 […]

The Couch Potato Report: Hoops, Cards, and Balls-a-Plenty!

Well, we’re down one hometown team, after the Bruins’ epic collapse last weekend. But have no fear, my tube-watching pals, as this weekend brings forth yet another tasty menu of TV nutrition for your eyeballs to feast on. That’s right, it’s time for another installment of “The Couch Potato Report,” C.P.R. for your sports-lovin’ heart. […]

2009 World Series of Poker: November Nine is Set

Some say the “fad” is dead, but spend the early weeks of summertime in the Las Vegas desert and you’ll see poker’s popularity is still alive and well. The members of this year’s World Series of Poker main event’s final table were determined Wednesday, as just nine players remain from the over 6,400 men and […]