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Who Will be the Next Red Sox Whipping Boy?

The Boston tradition of public ridicule and scapegoating goes back as far as the pillories and (hanging tree) on Boston Common, and has been a part of the local sports scene at least since the days when Colonel Dave Egan and the gutless Knights of the Keyboard tried to run Ted Williams out of town. […]

Is Josh Beckett an Ace?

After Tuesday night’s unbelievable 11-10 loss to the Orioles, which featured the best bullpen in baseball surrendering an astounding 13 hits and 10 runs in two innings, the Sox needed, above all, a stout performance by staff ace Josh Beckett. Depended upon to play the role of stopper, Beckett was hit hard, giving up five […]

David Ortiz – A Power Outage

Update (7/30/09): David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez tested positive for PEDs in 2003. With the news of Manny using steroids, it’s reached a point where the common baseball fan no longer has much faith in the players we’ve cheered for in the past. Most notably on the Red Sox, if you take a look at […]