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College Football: The AP Preseason Top 25

Preseason rankings are basically guesses and contribute to the competitive imbalance of college football. However, from a fan’s perspective they are very helpful and give a moderate idea of what to expect from the coming soon. Here’s this year’s preseason AP Top 25: 1. Oklahoma (36) Landry Jones leads an impressive passing attack that could […]

College Football Power Rankings: Oregon and TCU Remain Perfect Despite Scare

What was thought to be a quite weekend in college football brought us a lot of close games as we sit here on Monday asking “what if.” What if California, Georgia and San Diego State pulled off the upsets. California held Oregon’s high-powered offense to just 15 points, but could only muster up 13 points […]

2010 NCAA AP Rankings (Week 5): Texas Falls, Auburn Climbs

After a pretty uneventful Week 3 of college football, the rankings saw a considerable shift following the conclusion of the fourth week of the season. We saw the No. 7, No. 10 and No. 12 teams all fall to defeat. Here’s the polls for Week 5. First Class: Top 10 The biggest upset of the […]

2010 Fantasy Baseball Pitcher Rankings

Oh yeah, we need some pitching on our teams! There are two sides to every pitching staff. You can either drafts a good rotation and some closers, or you can be that guy who is a serial streamer. Well, streamers should just turn back now as you will have absolutely no use for a list of […]

2010 Fantasy Baseball Outfielder Rankings

In your leagues, you will be required to start at least three outfielders. This obviously means that the talent pool for this area is very deep and rich. Needless to say, not too many people will jump on an outfielder early in fear of missing out on weaker positions. While speed is seen as more […]

2010 Fantasy Baseball Third Baseman Rankings

Third base can be a bit of a dilemma. If you want your power-hitting players at the corner, then you are going to have to jump early. Only four players at the position hit 30+ home runs last season. Those same four men were also the only 3B to drive in 100+ RBI. That isn’t […]

2010 Fantasy Baseball Shortstop Rankings

Now we are really in the shallow end of the swimming pool. Fortunately, we live in more fortunate times where shortstops hold more value than they did five years ago. The power is limited at the position, so look for 30 home runs in another place. What the position does have is a plethora of […]

2010 Fantasy Baseball Second Baseman Rankings

Oh second base. At one time, only Alfonso Soriano was worth owning at your position. Since those days, he has gone downhill and the 2B position has seen a spike in production. Well, maybe “spike” is overdoing it, but you have to admit that drafting a second baseman these days isn’t as never-racking as recent […]

2010 Fantasy Baseball First Baseman Rankings

First base has the luxury of being one of the deepest talent pools in fantasy baseball. Twelve 1B crack Yahoo!’s top 50 players, which speaks volumes for the production that can be found at the position. This of course indicates that grabbing a 1B early in your drafts is not essential. However, some of the […]

2010 Fantasy Baseball Catcher Rankings

We have finally arrived to the fantasy baseball season. Sports of Boston is proud to bring you preseason coverage of all things fantasy baseball. Every Friday, we will post rankings for each position. This week, we start with catchers. The catcher position is notorious for being very shallow on offense. Reigning A.L. MVP Joe Mauer […]