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Bobby Valentine Bans Beer in Red Sox Clubhouse

While it seems logical after last season’s booze fest, it still had to be done: new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine has officially banned beer in the clubhouse and on the plane ride home on the last leg of a road trip. In case you somehow don’t know what happened last year…let’s recap: Red Sox […]

Ex-Red Sox Strength Coach Dave Page Comments on Poor Conditioning

In an interview with WEEI on Friday, former Boston Red Sox strength and conditioning coach Dave Page revealed his perspective on this past season. Fired on Tuesday, Page shared his observations on the players’ late-season training regimen, the lack of support from the front office, the consumption of beer and fried chicken, and his feeling […]

Hey Red Sox: Time To Hit The Panic Button!

Remember those irritating siren that would sound every time something bad happened in a sci-fi movie? Well, I’m turning it on. That’s right, following in the footsteps of the great Boston sportswriters before me, I’m pressing the Panic Button! If it wasn’t disturbing enough that the Sox have lost 6 games off their Wild Card […]