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Bill is a Pill, Rex’s in Effect

Exhibit A is short, truculent, crabby and comports himself with the miffed, detached air of someone running late for a colonoscopy. Exhibit B is large, boisterous, expressive, sometimes downright jolly, possessing an everyman wit you could easily see coming from a barber or short-order cook. They are as different and as similar as the Grinch […]

Who Makes Up Your “Mt. Rushmore of Hatred?”

Hatred. We all have it, whether we admit it or not. As sports fans, we’re fueled by hatred. There wouldn’t be rivalries if it weren’t for hatred. We wouldn’t get so emotional after big games, win or lose, if it weren’t for hatred of the opponent. This week, two of the world’s most hated athletes […]

Vikings’ Childress the Essence of Idiocy on MNF, Jets’ Ryan a Close Second

I started this Tuesday the way I start all Tuesdays here in Istanbul, with a pot of coffee and an archived Monday Night Football game via NFL Game Pass. This week’s matchup featured the Minnesota Vikings at the New York Jets, a much-anticipated showdown between teams that both fell one game shy of the Super […]

Who is Danny Woodhead?

When the Patriots traded veteran running back Laurence Maroney following their Week 1 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, they opened up a very big roster spot. Last week, just before their loss to the New York Jets, they filled that big roster spot, with a very little man. The release of Maroney left many wondering […]

PATS on the Back: Patriots-Jets, Week 2

And with a thunderous thud, down went the Patriots on Sunday, falling 28-14 to the hated New York Jets at the New Meadowlands Stadium. Jets coach Rex Ryan must have dined like a king after the big win. Taking a 14-10 lead into halftime, the Pats came out completely flat for the final 30 minutes, […]

The Couch Potato Report: NFL, PGA, MLB, VMAs, and More Fun with Acronyms

For weeks, writing this article was a challenge. The summer months brought little in the ways of big sporting events, making it difficult to hype up a lackluster docket of weekend TV each and every Friday. But now… problem solved. The NFL kicks off its 2010 season this weekend, and I for one am here […]

Mark Sanchez Speak Out About Tom Brady

After Tom Brady said he hates the Jets and doesn’t care to watch HBO’s “Hard Knocks” featuring the New York Jets, Mark Sanchez responded that the feeling is definitely not mutual. Brady’s comments that started the whole kerfuffle? “I hate the Jets. I refuse to support that show. I’m sure it’s great TV and I’m […]

Patriots Release Adalius Thomas

The New England Patriots cut linebacker Adalius Thomas on Monday, and for most Patriot’s fans one word sums up his departure: finally. Or maybe one phrase: It’s about [insert expletive] time! Monday’s releasing of Thomas came as little surprise to many, and ended a three-year tenure that can only be described as a marriage from […]

Rex Ryan Flips Bird at MMA Fans, Apologizes for Middle Finger

Jets coach Rex Ryan is apologizing for his recent conduct at an MMA event called “Strikeforce: Miami.” While there, in response to taunts and boos from people presumed to be Dolphins fans, Ryan flipped the bird. What he didn’t know was that fan David Hildenbrand captured a great candid photo of Ryan in the act […]


What’s a better scenario then a Colts-Jets matchup for the AFC Championship game? Some would argue the Chargers would be a better team, or a Patriots-Colts showdown would be a perfect way to kick start a new decade of football, but honestly, there is not greater matchup then the one presented to us. This season […]

Behind Enemy Lines: Q&A with the Jets

That’s right, we’ve gone to the other side. For this Sunday’s Jets match-up we decided to see what those Jets bloggers think of the upcoming game. John, over at Gang Green Nation, was kind enough to take some time to give us his answers to our most pressing questions: his thoughts on the Jets’ season […]

Jabba the Rex? Belichick and Brady in Star Wars

So what do we have for you this fine Friday morning? Henry over at Global Sports Fraternity sent us over this cartoon for the upcoming Jets/Patriots match-up on Sunday. We get to see Belichick wield a light saber and a … rather masculine looking Giselle put a chokehold on Rex. Enjoy!

Braylon Edwards to Jets Could Mean Big Things

Sometimes it’s funny how things turn out. Weeks ago, it appeared that Braylon Edwards was going to stay in Cleveland as its top receiver, but now he makes the move to New York and joins the new and improved Jets offense. Days after getting into a fight with one of LeBron “King of Cleveland” James’s […]

The Jets Speak, Will The Pats Respond?

You have to love the rivalry between New York and New England. There is a hatred between these two regions that transcends sports. It’s not like there needed to be more hype for the Patriots-Jets game, but now the cards have been thrown on the table. It started with Rex Ryan sending a recorded message […]

The View from the Meadowlands

By Mackenzie Kraemer, JetsDaily.com Let me get this out of the way. Everything Rex Ryan, Kerry Rhodes, and Kris Jenkins have said about this game is true. This is the biggest game of the season for the New York Jets. We hate the Patriots. We hate Bill Bellichick for slithering his way out of New […]