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Yankees vs. Red Sox: Round 2 in Boston

Overview The New York Yankees comes to Boston tonight to start the second act of the perennial drama that is the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry. In their first meeting the Sox dropped three out of four games in New York. The Yankees have since found themselves at the top of the AL East with an 11-8 […]

Red Sox vs Yankees Preview

Red Sox vs Yankees Preview The Boston Red Sox (4-5) and the New York Yankees (4-5), commonly referred to as the greatest rivalry in baseball, will meet tonight in New York for the first time in the 2014 season. The Red Sox are coming off a big comeback win against the Texas Rangers and the […]

Heated Rivalry: Top Five Patriots-Jets Games

Since they each entered the upstart American Football League in 1960 the New England Patriots and New York Jets have been rivals, just from a location standpoint. To put things into perspective, when both teams began they were called the Boston Patriots and the New York Titans respectively. But while the two teams represented cities […]

Revisiting Saltalamacchia’s “Latin Players” Comment About Cervelli

Not too many things are certain in life, but as we enter September, conflict between the Red Sox and the Yankees is about as certain as the sun rising in the east. 2011 marks yet another year when the Sox and Yanks have been neck and neck for the division championship all year and as […]

Red Sox-Yankees: A Dying Rivalry

While the Red Sox played the Indians to start the week, fans and media alike were really looking ahead to the three-game series with the Yankees beginning Friday. In typical fashion, the Sox find themselves in a close race for the AL East, with their hated rivals. The rivalry should be more heated than ever, […]

Why I Hate the Montreal Canadiens

The regular season is over and our Boston Bruins proved that they can hang with the big boys in the conference, finishing with the #3 seed.  Now it’s time for the playoffs, and their first opponent…the Montreal Canadiens. I am a proud American and love my country.  I am forever thankful to my forefathers in […]

Live Blog: Yankees at Red Sox, Opening Night. April 4, 2010

FINAL SCORE: Red Sox 9, Yankees 7 98 years of Opening DAY at Fenway Park tradition ends tonight, because ESPN wants it to. It’s not just ESPN though; Tuesday and Wednesday’s games will also be played at night, to increase TV ratings. Because when it’s Yanks/Sox Rivalry ™, it’s got to be played in Prime […]

How Many Games Will the Red Sox Win in New York?

Prediction time: How many games do you think the Red Sox will win against the Yankees in this upcoming 4-game series? FOUR: The Red Sox will sweep all four games. Hubris? Isn’t that something you spread on pita bread? The Sox can’t lose against the Yankees, the team that pulled the biggest choke of all […]

Yankees Fan Plants Grass Seed in Fenway Park

A Yankees fan seeking revenge for the burial of David Ortiz’s jersey under the new Yankee Stadium may have planted his own “curse.” Ian Ferris, 30, brought a commemorative sack of grass seed from Yankee Stadium to the Phish concert last week at Fenway Park. “I’m a lifelong Yankee fan and someone buried an Ortiz jersey […]

Not Another Pink Hat 7-11

For most Americans, Friday, July 4th was a great day. Families were having barbecues and many towns had Independence Day fireworks. Red Sox fans had even more reason to celebrate, after beating the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. However, according to boston.com, this wasn’t enough to satisfy a group of young people in Falmouth, MA. The […]

Not Another Pink Hat (5-6)

If you’re a Red Sox fan, there’s one thing you know for sure. “Yankees Suck!” Even if they were to go undefeated for an entire season, end world hunger, and save a family of kittens from a burning building, the Yankees still suck. Yet, most fans will admit that the rivalry is all in good […]