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Pedro Elected into Hall of Fame on First Try

What we Red Sox fans have known for a long time is finally official: Pedro Martinez is a Hall of Famer. The wiry, fiery starter, who already was inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame earlier this year, was elected to Cooperstown in his first year of eligibility, receiving 91.1 percent of the BBWA vote […]

Boston Legacy for Roger Clemens

Last week the Red Sox announced that Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens, Nomar Garciaparra and Joe Castiglione would be inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame this August. This star-studded class has a pitcher who had one of the most dominant stretches in baseball history when Pedro Martinez went 101-28 with a combined 2.54 ERA […]

Roger Clemens Gets Not Guilty Verdict at Trial

In what may be the final chapter of the famed Steroid Era in Major League Baseball, former Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens was found not guilty on six counts Monday in his perjury trial. The jury returned their verdict after just 10 hours of deliberation. The 49-year-old Clemens was accused of perjury, making false statements […]

Tim Wakefield’s Future with the Red Sox

Before Boston ended its precipitous fall in epically disastrous fashion, Tim Wakefield made the surprise declaration that he wanted to return for another year with the Red Sox. “I’ve definitely made up my mind that I definitely want to come back next year,” Wakefield said. Definitely a definitive answer. With the season now officially over, […]

Judge Declares Mistrial in Roger Clemens’ Perjury Case

Let’s face it: we’re all pretty sure Roger Clemens took some form of performance-enhancing drugs. But for you lawyers out there who don’t rule in the court of public opinion, Clemens is innocent until proven guilty, and the fact that he actually lied about taking steroids has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. As […]

Is There Room For Tim Wakefield on the Red Sox in 2011?

Tim Wakefield, having finished his penultimate season with the Red Sox in disappointing fashion may have just about outlived his usefulness in Boston. This day has been slowly approaching over the last few seasons as the old knuckleball pitcher with a bad back has seen his best days. If the Red Sox face a roster […]

Who Makes Up Your “Mt. Rushmore of Hatred?”

Hatred. We all have it, whether we admit it or not. As sports fans, we’re fueled by hatred. There wouldn’t be rivalries if it weren’t for hatred. We wouldn’t get so emotional after big games, win or lose, if it weren’t for hatred of the opponent. This week, two of the world’s most hated athletes […]

Roger Clemens Pleads Not Guilty in Perjury Case

Have you ever said something so much you believed it? Like that time you told your parents you got a B+ on that algebra test when you failed it? Then, when you got your grade at the end of the term, you were surprised to see that you had a C in the course despite […]

Roger Clemens Indicted: Will He Go to Jail?

Roger Clemens can run but he won’t be hiding. In this case, the seven-time Cy Young Award winner is actually running toward a major league problem. Clemens, 48, was charged with three counts of making false statements, two counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice in regard to  his testimony during the […]

Boston Beats L.A. in the Big Game! Red Sox 10, Dodgers 6.

When this season’s schedule came out, Red Sox fans circled the date of June 18, when the Los Angeles Dodgers would be at Fenway Park, for it would be the night of The Return: a former Red Sox hero coming back to the site of his glory, the most anticipated Fenway reunion in quite a […]

Manny Ramirez Set to Return to Fenway Park

No one really knows what to expect from Red Sox fans this Friday night. With the Red Sox hosting a three-game interleague series against the Los Angeles Dodgers this weekend, every fan in Red Sox nation is trying to decide how to react when they see Manny Ramirez in Fenway Park again. We’ll probably see […]

Wakefield Sets Red Sox IP Record, Beats Indians

Tim Wakefield offered another big blow to the gigantic ego of Roger Clemens, and passed the former Red Sox ace for the team record in total innings pitched with 2,777. It was no sure thing that the knuckleballer would even set the record on Tuesday night, given his recent up-and-down performances. After dominating the Phillies […]

Clemens May Be Indicted; Is it Fair?

ESPN is reporting that seven-time Cy Young winner Roger Clemens could be indicted for perjury following his testimony to congress on steroids. A grand jury is convening in Washington to determine whether there is enough evidence put forth by assistant U.S. attorney Daniel P. Butler to warrant perjury charges. Last February Clemens appeared before Congress […]

Should Brett Favre Come Back?

Brett Favre, you like the offseason spotlight, don’t you? Brett Favre’s desire to come back from retirement (Golf isn’t that good, I guess) has immediately taken precedence over any of the current NFL news. I think it’s safe to say that the guy who looked not so spectacular for a few years until last year […]

Clemens Reportedly Had “Fling” with Country Star

According to the Daily News, Roger Clemens had a decade long relationship with country singer Mindy McCready. McCready, who is now 32, began the affair with Clemens when she was 15 and he was 28. The image of Mindy McCready is courtesy of the NY Daily News.