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Despite the Attention, Rondo Not the Centerpiece of a Champion

On Wednesday, SoB’s very own Bobby Doherty made the case that the Boston Celtics could rebuild around Rajon Rondo, referencing the 2007-2008 championship team as a model for Rondo as the team’s centerpiece. Agree to disagree. Is Rondo a starting point guard on a contender? Absolutely. He’s proven that with his championship ring, multiple playoff […]

Sam Cassell + P.J. Brown = Michael Finley?

When analyzing what Michael Finley‘s effect on the Celtics would be, I knew that I had to see exactly how he would fit into the Celtics’ rotation on a given night. After watching his first three games, it is pretty clear to me that he might be that veteran shooter that will guide the team’s […]

Sam Cassell Traded to Kings

With an open roster spot in mind, the Celtics today agreed to trade player/coach Sam Cassell to the Sacramento Kings for a conditional second round draft choice. Cassell makes the veteran minimum so the Celts aren’t saving much money but it seems as though the team is freeing up a roster spot in order to […]

Celtics Lose Another at Home

The Celtics took another tough loss at home against the San Antonio Spurs. It was a close game all the way and saw the lead go back and forth many times. However, the Celtics let this one get away when Ray Allen lost an inbound pass to Manu Ginobli in the final seconds of the […]

Celtics Player Previews: The Bench Guards

For the next few weeks as the Celtics’ training camp moves on, I’ll take a look at what to expect in each set of positions. I’ll start with the bench players and then look at the potential starting five for the upcoming 08-09 season. First I’ll take a look at the guards that will be […]

Why Sam Cassell Can Be a Good Coach

In this edition of the Four-Point Play, I’ll give four reasons (four points) why Sam Cassell will be a good future coach in the NBA. I’ll also make reference to Josh Howard’s stupid remarks about the “Star Spangled Banner.” Sam Cassell will be a good NBA coach. Here’s four reasons why: 1. Sam Cassell was […]

Celtics GM Review: Danny Ainge

There was a lot of speculation as to whether Danny Ainge would have his job much longer as the general manager of the Celtics after the terrible results of the 06-07 season. Nothing had seemed to be going right at all in Ainge’s career as GM. None of the draft picks or players acquired in […]

Sam Cassell to Return to Celtics?

According to Sam Cassell, he’s rejoining the Celtics for the 2008-09 season as a backup point guard, and it will be his last season as a player in the NBA. He apparently will then become an assistant coach to Doc Rivers the following season. Cassell told the Baltimore Sun on Wednesday that he plans to […]

Celtics Player Review: Rajon Rondo

At last we have reached the starting five for the Celtics in these reviews. The first of which is the point guard, Rajon Rondo. Coming into his second season with the team, Rondo was asked to step up his game a notch and become the starting point guard after the departures of both Delonte West […]

Celtics Player Review: Eddie House

Eddie House had a decent first year in Boston, coming into town to provide the role of the back-up point guard for Rajon Rondo for most of the season. His quickness and ability to catch and shoot the ball were the strongest parts of Eddie’s game. He had the ability to get the ball up […]

Celtics Player Review: Gabe Pruitt

Gabe Pruitt spent most of his time in the NBA Development League in 2007-2008, but has a bright future ahead of him and he’s already got a ring to go along with it. Pruitt also saw no action at all in the playoffs, gaining most of experience against D-League players. However, Pruitt looks to be more […]

Celtics Player Review: Sam Cassell

When the rumors started flying about Sam Cassell coming to Boston, I was very excited. Here was the third-oldest guy in the NBA who was still averaging a little over 14 points per game and about to join a team that just needed a few more pieces in order to make it perfect to the […]

Celtics Pass With Flying Colors in 2007-2008

KC did a piece earlier in the Celtics season in which he reviewed and issued grades for each individual player on the team. Now that the season is over I’ll take a look at all of the players on the team and give them a grade and a little bit of review on how I […]

Hold the Champagne: Celtics Lose Tough Game 5

The Celtics fought the whole way after going down early in the first quarter by 19 points. However, they were not able to come back all the way against the Lakers in Game 5 of the NBA Finals as they had in Game 4. Eddie House hit a three pointer with a few seconds left, […]

Injured Pierce Returns, Leads C’s Past Lakers

The game went back and forth the whole night and it was a battle throughout, but the Celtics were able to pull off a victory in this historic revival of the old Celtics and Lakers rivalry. The Celtics won this one, 98-88, and took an early 1-0 series lead. There were some scary injuries, a […]