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As Jeter Leaves, Let’s Reminisce on Nomar: What Could Have Been

Regardless of your stance on the appropriateness of Jeter’s farewell tour, you’d have to admit that watching the Red Sox organization showering Jeter with adoration last weekend was painful.  Not for the fact that is was obligatory and contrived or even the over-to-top theatrics, but that it reminds us of a short stop that we used to […]

Baseball’s 2003 Steroids List Taken Illegally

The infamous list that has haunted baseball, and grouped together some of the game’s best players as cheaters, has been determined to be taken illegally. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declared that federal agents were wrong in seizing 104 names from two companies holding the results of a 2003 league-wide drug survey. The […]

Ortiz, Others Knew They Were on 2003 Steroids List

According to a Boston Globe report, David Ortiz and more than 100 other major league players that tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003 were told years ago that they were on the list. Despite telling reporters July 30 that the news “blindsided” him (which may be true since the report came at such a […]

Rumored Leak of 2003 Steroid List is Most Likely Fake

Update, (07/30/09): Ortiz, Manny named on 2003 list In news that is spreading like wildfire, the 2003 list of the 103 MLB baseball players who tested positive for steroids has been potentially leaked to the public. Rotoinfo.com posted the story this morning and it has been the talk of the town all day. The biggest problem […]

Sosa Tested Positive for Steroids in 2003

In another not-so-shocking report, Sammy Sosa – the man who hit more than 600 career home runs, spent more than 10 years in the league then forgot most of his English while testifying before congress – tested positive for steroids in 2003. The now infamous list of players who tested positive in 2003 – the […]