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2014 FIFA World Cup Preview

Thursday afternoon at 4PM EST, Planet Earth will turn it’s attention to Arena Corinthians in São Paulo, Brazil. It is here where the 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals will kick-off with the host nation taking on Croatia. For the next month after that, the world will be consumed by the planet’s best sports tournament.  This edition […]

Liverpool Falls 2-1 to AS Roma At Fenway

New England Soccer Enthusiasts, There was finally a buzz around Fenway Wednesday night for the first time since possibly Opening Day. Maybe longer? The stadium was decked out in Liverpool red. There was a flood of soccer jerseys throughout the city. In the midst of the recent rejuvenation of soccer fever in the U.S., people […]

With MLS SuperDraft Fading Into Obscurity, What’s Next?

Similar to many American workers over the past 15 years, MLS players might be the only American athletes feeling the pinch of globalization. The Wall Street Journal’s headline this week basically sums up the problem with an article previewing the upcoming SuperDraft as “The Most Meaningless Draft in Sports.” The SuperDraft is limping along like […]

U.S. Soccer: After the Gold Cup, Where Do We Go from Here?

The United States men’s soccer team did what it was supposed to do, making it to the Gold Cup Final. Right? Jozy Altidore and Stuart Holden both were not available for the final due to injury, or it would have been a different game. Right? Steve Cherundolo’s injury was a deathblow and the U.S. was […]

The Couch Potato Report: Soccer Kicks, Draft Picks, and Get Your Jacko Fix

Another sports-filled weekend is upon us, as June wraps up having featured a crap load of highly entertaining, enjoyable, and in some cases heartbreaking, sports programming. This weekend should add to that, as nearly every sport has something big going on, either on or off the field, from soccer to hockey to tennis, and everything […]

Video: Landon Donovan Goal Vs. Algeria, World Cup Group C

If you saw the U.S. – Algeria game, you saw Landon Donovan score in the 92nd minute to lift the Americans to a 1-0 win. The U.S. has won their group for the first time since 1930. (Video has good quality…hopefully it stays on YouTube!)

2010 World Cup Preview and Guide

The World Cup is a worldwide festival of sports fanaticism and media hype that is unparalleled on earth, and most other planets. Imagine a month-long Super Bowl, crossed with March Madness, multiplied by the Olympics, and presented by the United Nations. This thing is getting so big, even Americans are now starting to pay attention. […]

Questionable Referee to Call USA/England Game

Saturday’s game between England and the U.S.A. is already chock full storylines. It’s a rematch of the 1950 stunner when the U.S. pulled out a 1-0 win over the Brits in Brazil. England is sending arguably their most talented team ever to the tournament. Expectations are sky high across the pond so you know they’ve […]

Book Review: Unseen Academicals – Wizards Playing Soccer

Terry Pratchett is not a sports writer. The world he writes about, Discworld, is a flat world borne through space on the backs of four elephants, who are in turn borne through space on the shell of a giant turtle. It is a world filled with wizards, witches, trolls, dwarves, and other fantastical elements. Perhaps […]

How Will the USA Fare in the World Cup?

How will the U.S.A. fare at this summers World Cup? Who are we up against in our group? Who are some players that will make an impact?

Report: Charlie Davies Out At Least 6-12 Months

Former B.C. Eagle In Serious Condition After One-Car Accident Update 10:15pm: Information has finally been released about the extent of US Soccer striker Charlie Davies’ injuries, and it’s not good news. According to Grant Wahl of CNNSI.com, Davies fractured his right tibia, right femur, left elbow and suffered possible facial fractures. He will be in the […]

Impact of U.S. Soccer Success

This is the third in a three–part series analyzing soccer’s impact on American sports. SoB’s Ty takes a look today at the future impact of the U.S. men’s soccer team’s success. Despite the heartbreaking loss to Brazil in the finals of the Confederations Cup, there is much to look forward to for the U.S. men’s […]

Confederations Cup Offers Hope for U.S. Soccer

This is the second in a three–part series analyzing soccer’s impact on American sports. SoB’s Teddy takes a look today at the success of the U.S. soccer team in the recent Confederations Cup. It appeared that during the Confederations Cup, we saw the best and worst of the U.S. Soccer team. It is understandable that […]

The History of Soccer’s Unpopularity in the US

This is the first in a three–part series analyzing soccer’s impact on American sports. SoB’s Erikk takes a look today at soccer’s history in the U.S. In very few international arenas is the United States of America second to any other country. However, when it comes to men’s soccer, or, as the superpowers of the […]