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With West out Could the C’s Turn to Marbury?

Remember back just two seasons ago when crazy point guard Stephon Marbury came over from the New York Knicks to finish out the 2008-09 season with the Celtics? Well, it seems the idea of Marbury coming back has been tossed around thanks to a fan forum article on NESN.com. The article is all speculation of course, […]

Stephon Marbury Heads to China

Stephon Marbury will not be heading back to the Boston Celtics anytime soon. He will also not be in the NBA as he recently signed a contract with the Shanxi Zhingyu (Brave Dragons) in the China Basketball Association. Shanxi is bringing Marbury in for one reason and one reason only: to boost ticket sales. The […]

Marbury Won’t Play This Season, to Return in 2010-2011

New 24-hour reality star Stephon Marbury has decided to “shut everything down” and for now has no plans to play in the NBA this season. In the offseason, Marbury rejected a one-year deal at the veteran minimum ($1.3 million) from the Celtics in did not actively pursue employment elsewhere. “I’m resting, doing what Michael Jordan […]

Celtics Update: What’s Going On?

All has been quiet on the Celtics off-season front recently. Two weeks have passed since Marquis Daniels agreed to join the C’s in some capacity, and since then…crickets. I would like to preface all of this by pointing out the fact that Danny Ainge was on vacation last week. Here are the latest rumblings. Daniels […]

Starbury TV: Stephon Marbury Crazy or Genius?

Watch live video from starburytv on Justin.tv NBA point guard Stephon Marbury has a 24-hour live video chat on the Web site, Justin.tv. On his channel, “Starbury TV,” viewers can see him dancing, eating Vaseline, and offering words of wisdom to the public. Those who view these videos are incredibly perplexed by his ludicrous actions […]

Stephon Marbury: 2008-2009 Celtics Review

The bad boy of the New York Knicks, Stephon Marbury, was given a shot at redemption this year with the Celtics. After sitting on the sidelines for a year with New York, Marbury was able to arrange a buyout of his contract with the Knicks and was signed as a free agent by the Green […]

Rasheed Wallace Headed to the Celtics?

(Update: Rasheed Wallace has joined the Celtics) “These teams are muck!” I can see it now, NBA franchises complaining all over the league if Rasheed Wallace agrees to a deal with the Celtics. It would just be unfair. When you consider Wallace even taking a sixth man type role, the Celtics are considerably stronger than […]

Was the Celtics Season a Letdown?

Last summer I made a very early and bold prediction that the Celtics would repeat as champions again and that Tony Allen was going to develop into their dominant sixth man. Well, now we know that both of these predictions turned up wrong, and if those were my two big hopes for the season, then […]

Celtics Give up Game 6 to Orlando

Game 6 was a terrible game, as both teams played poorly the whole way through. There were dumb fouls, turnovers, and missed shots all over the place. This hardly looked like two of the three best teams in the Eastern Conference fighting to play in the next round. However, Orlando came out the victorious, beating Boston 83-75 […]

Celtics Squeak Out Game 5 Win

In a game largely controlled by the Orlando Magic, the Celtics came through when it counted, and delivered a 92-88 win. Ray Allen drilled a three-pointer with 1:20 left in the fourth quarter to give the Celtics their first lead since the opening minutes. Big Baby finished strong, playing 42 minutes and pouring in 22 […]

Big Baby Hits Buzzer Beater in Game 4 Win

The Celtics were in control of Game 4 for much of the second half, but Orlando would not go away. With just a few seconds left in the game, the Magic found themselves up by one point. However, the ball found its way to Glen “Big Baby” Davis, not the one who would normally take […]

Celtics Comeback isn’t Enough; Orlando Takes 1-0 Lead

Boston found themselves down by as much as 22 points early in the minutes of the third quarter, but made a valiant effort to get back into this very tough Game One match-up against the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference semi-finals. Thanks to great play by Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, and yes, Brian Scalabrine, […]

Celtics Blow Out Bulls; Lead Series 2-1

The Celtics went into Chicago looking to win at least one game out of the next two to try and recover the home court advantage they lost after losing Game 1. They did just that and destroyed the Bulls 107-86 in impressive fashion to take the 2-1 series lead. The game was all Celtics and the Bulls […]

Isiah Thomas Has Found a New Home to Wreck

Don’t you hate it when pests return? Well that’s what happened this week when it was announced that Florida International University hired Isiah Thomas to coach their team. It’s a sad attempt to grab attention. This is after all, the same Isiah Thomas who has failed at almost every post-playing-career job that he has been […]

Celtics End Season on High Note, Beat Wizards

The Celtics finished another great season with a win against the Washington Wizards, 115-107. The Big Three did not play and regular starters Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins each saw less than 15 minutes of action. As a result, the Celtics went with a creative starting five with Rajon Rondo, Stephon Marbury, Kendrick Perkins, Tony Allen, and Leon […]