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2009-2010 NFL Super Bowl & Playoff Picks: Final Results

After a thrilling Super Bowl, multiple records were set or tied. The NFC has now won 13 coin tosses in a row, which has a probability of 1/1892, or .0122%. When the Saints attempted (and recovered) an onside kick to kick off the second half, they attempted the first ever pre-4th quarter onside kick in […]

2009-2010 NFL Super Bowl Picks

It’s time for the final round of SoB’s annual NFL Playoff Pick ‘Em. The Super Bowl features a lightning round with five bonus categories. Also included is a tiebreaker, just in case, in which participants predicted the length, in minutes and seconds, of the longest drive of the game. Brian is currently in the lead […]

The Experimental Pro Bowl Format was Better

To nobody’s surprise the offenses lit up the scoreboard in the 2010 Pro Bowl as the American Football Conference edged the National Football Conference, 41-34. It was a typical Pro Bowl. There were no hard hits, with the exception of San Diego wideout Vincent Jackson’s crack-back block on Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews. Most of […]

Matt Cassel Peed On at Super Bowl Party

You’ve seen Patriots Quarterback Matt Cassel play well in the rain and the snow. But, how well does he play…in the pee? Cassel was waiting in line for the bathroom at ESPN’s Tampa Bay Super Bowl bash Friday night when a drunk football fan tried to cut him in line. Cassel explained to the slosh […]

Super Bowl XLIII Expert Pick ‘Em Results

If it’s any consolation, an AFC team won the Super Bowl, but if you’re like me, you definitely weren’t rooting for the Steelers to win an NFL-record sixth Super Bowl title. Well, they did win the game 27-23 in a wild finish. That of course means that we have a winner in the Super Bowl […]

Video: PETA Commercial Banned for Super Bowl

Here’s the commercial that you didn’t see during the Super Bowl. You may need to log in at YouTube to see the video due to its “graphic” nature. If you’re at work…you may want to wait until you get home, though I promise there’s no nudity and/or extremely explicit graphic content. To see the video, […]

Live Blog: Super Bowl 43

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals 27-23 and are now the first team in NFL history to win six Super Bowl titles. Sports of Boston live-blogged the action for more than five hours. You can view the archives below…

Super Bowl XLIII Expert Picks

The Patriots may not be in the big game this year, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy a good ol’ fashioned Super Bowl Pick ‘Em. Two of our staff writers, Geoff and Reid, have the exact same picks. If they tie for the win, a coin flip will decide the winner of the […]

Super Bowl XLIII Storylines to Watch

Sunday, February 1st is the 43rd Super Bowl and the two teams facing off are the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers (in case you’ve been asleep for a week). Now, many people think this matchup is going to be boring as the teams have not played recently. And, to top it off, the Arizona […]

SoB Game of the Year: Super Bowl XLII

Boston teams played well over 300 games (the actual math would take way too long to calculate) during the 2008 calendar year, and the Sports of Boston staff was asked to choose the Game of the Year. Many chose games in which Boston teams were victorious (which happened a lot in 2008), but the clear […]

Post Super Bowl Coverage

In one of the biggest upsets in NFL history, the Giants beat the Patriots 17-14 in Super Bowl XLII. We will never forget the Giants’ agonizing final drive, in which they took a 3-point lead with 35 seconds remaining. What did we learn from this game? Are you guys still down about the game? C’s […]

Oh My God

That was the most excruciating loss ever.

Gametime: Patriots vs. Giants

The Game: Super Bowl XLII – New England Patriots (18-0) vs. New York Giants (13-6) The Place: University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona The Time: 6:30pm The Channel: Fox The Skinny: You’ve heard the story lines, you’ve heard the teary eyed features, and you’ve seen the X’s and O’s. No more dilly dally, it’s almost […]

Super Bowl Preview: Offense

Unlike on the defensive side of the ball, there is a clear advantage on the offensive side to the Patriots. The Pats set multiple NFL records, most notably the record for the most points for a team in the NFL season. The Giants have an average offense with a few weapons which have come alive […]

Pats Injury Report Released

The official injury report for Super Bowl XLII has been released and there’s one familiar name on it. Tom Brady, who has been listed on the injury report each week for the last four years, is listed as “full participation in practice” with a right shoulder. On Thursday’s Sportscenter, Kenny Mayne has a satirical piece […]