Strikeouts for Cheap

In a standard 5×5 league, strikeouts are extremely important. Heck, it is 1/5 of your pitching stats. Even in expanded formats, you could be trying to get K/9. So, free agency will usually only have those high strikeout rates in the form of relief pitchers. Where do you find those stud starting pitchers for bargain […]

Jay Bruce: Don’t Panic!

Short and sweet today as I have a point to make, but not a lot of time to make it in. In it is in our nature to make hasty decisions, especially during the first week of fantasy baseball. One guy I was high on is really stumbling out of the gate. Reds’ outfielder Jay […]

Draft Day: Who I Avoided and Who I Reached For

By now, most baseball drafts are in the books. I myself took part in three custom drafts this season, and with all of them, I had an idea of who I was going to get and who I was going to avoid like the plague. Whether it be healthy concerns, moving to a new ballpark, […]

TGIF: Matt Kemp Fantasy Value

Many of us are starting our draft preparation for the 2010 season. I have already joined two Yahoo! leagues and have looked over the player list to see who is ranked where. Some familiar faces were in the top 10, as were some surprises. None more than Dodger OF Matt Kemp. Yes, he was nearly […]

TGIF: Pujols or Hanley?

It’s a question we seem to be having every season. If you are granted the first overall pick in your fantasy baseball draft, you have a tough choice to make. Do you take arguably the best slugger of our generation in St. Louis 1B Albert Pujols, or do you draft fantasy’s elite SS in the […]

TGIF: Homer’s Odyssey

Instead of a boring introduction, let’s just cut right to it. Normally, when you hear the name “Homer Bailey”, you begin to cringe. You’re skin gets goose bumps, the hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up, and flashes of lightning start striking down behind you. It may seem like you are stuck […]

TGIF: Believe in Garrett Jones!

We all know that when draft day rolls around, we will not be fortunate enough to grab a marquee player at any given position. The 1B position is loaded with talent with the likes of Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, Ryan Howard, Mark Teixeira, etc. Now some of us will just wait ’til later for a […]

TGIF: Justin Upton in the First Round?

I am back from a dinner out with friends, and I decided to wander over to Yahoo! fantasy to see what is going on. To my surprise, Brandon Funston has released his fantasy baseball “Big Board” for the first time this year. I never really see eye-to-eye with Funston on his picks, especially since he […]

TGIF: Fantasy Football Draft, 2010

With the conclusion of the 2009 season, it is time to start looking ahead to the future. Although it may be too early to accurately project what the first round of the draft will be next season, it is still fun to think about. I have gotten into the habit of making my prediction for […]

TGIF: No Marshall? No Problem!

It has been speculation all week, but now the bad news is a reality. Broncos WR Brandon Marshall will miss the team’s season finale this Sunday against Kansas City after tweaking his hamstring in practice earlier in the week. Head coach Josh McDaniels made the decision today to bench Marshall before causing further harm to […]

TGIF: ‘Twas The Night Before Fantasy Football

This season, like most for me, has been full of ups and downs. It is in my opinion that fantasy football is the toughest to prepare for. The players are more likely to get injured in this sport than any other, the season only lasts 17 weeks, and the¬†only consistent thing about this game is […]

TGIF: Fantasy Impact of Recent MLB Trades and Signings

Over the past couple of weeks, the baseball world has been buzzing about Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, John Lackey, and Curtis Granderson. There is no doubt that this offseason’s hot stove has helped warm up this chilly weather. These aren’t just new faces in new homes, these are *big* names in new homes. I know […]

TGIF: 2009 Fantasy Football Playoff Help

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeaaaarrrrrr! With no disrespect to Any Williams, I am not referring to Christmas. Instead, I am celebrating the fantasy football playoffs. While it looks like that my teams will be watching from the sidelines this season (thank you Steve Slaton, Jay Cutler, Eddie Royal, Eli Manning…what the hell!), […]

TGIF: Troy Polamalu and the Madden Curse

Yes, we are bringing this back from the dead for another look. A few months ago, I expressed my concern for Arizona WR Larry Fitzgerald and his appearance on the cover of the latest Madden video game. As it turns out, the tradition of a player appearing on the cover and then suffering adverse consequences […]

TGIF: Do You Smell What the Rock is Cookin’?

The Washington Redskins backfield has had a tough go of it this season. First off, Clinton Portis, after having 325+ carries in four of his last five seasons, seems to have finally hit the running back wall. He was struggling to hit 4.0 ypc and had just one TD on the season until he left […]