TGIF: What Has Become of Yahoo! Fantasy Football’s First Round?

Now, I am focusing on just one provider of fantasy football, so the rankings may differ from other leagues. Every season, for people who are not that familiar with the game of fantasy football, we tend to lean heavily on the rankings. Even if you are a seasoned veteran, you can’t help but be influenced […]

TGIF: DeAngelo Williams Has Done it Again!

If your in a competitive football league, then you truly know how shallow a free agent pool can get. You are constantly on the lookout every Sunday for a player who performs above and beyond, and then you rush to free agency to pick him up before anybody else has a chance to check the […]

TGIF: A New Kind of Fantasy UFC

It is no question that fantasy sports has expanded its horizons over the past decade. It used to be just the big four: baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. Today, you can go to the Yahoo! fantasy main page and find all kinds of oddball fantasy games. Fantasy NASCAR and fantasy golf have made their debuts […]

TGIF: Why is Eddie Not So Royal?

Instead of being informative this week, I choose to use this time to bitch and complain. Enjoy! Not every outstanding rookie can have an equally great follow-up season. This is what we have come to know as the “Sophomore Slump”. While it is hard to live up the expectations of a great first year, it […]

TGIF: Jack Del Rio Benches Mike Sims-Walker and Screws Everyone Else

If you are one of the lucky ones to be in on the Mike Sims-Walker craze, then you have been benefiting from his fantastic play over the past few weeks. The second-year WR had hauled in 19 catches for 278 yds and 3 TD from week 2 to week 4. I myself am a Sims-Walker […]

TGIF: Fantasy Baseball Draft, 2010

With the end of the 2009 season, it is never too early to look ahead to 2010. To me, baseball season never ends and I am already thinking about my strategy for next season (most notably because I finished 9th in one league). Believe it or not, before the year is out, some fantasy guru’s […]

TGIF: Week 4 Sleeper Picks

Hey, it was so popular last week, I decided to bring it back for another round. Or maybe I was too lazy to think of another topic to write about. You can’t go wrong with either guess. Anyway, here are some widely available players who may turn a profit in Week 4. Week 4 Sleepers […]

TGIF: Week 3 Sleeper Picks

Whether you have players who are playing so badly that you need to bench them *cough* Eddie Royal *cough*, or if you have been decimated by injuries, there is always the need to scour the free agent market and find a fill-in player for your weekly matchup. Granted, there is a reason that these guys […]

TGIF: Is Joe Mauer a First Round Pick in 2010?

Up until this point in the history of fantasy baseball, no matter what format your league was, no matter what the stat categories were, you would never even comprehend the idea of drafting a catcher in the first round. However, the fantasy baseball world in recent years has decided to open its doors to players […]

TGIF: 2009 Fantasy Baseball Playoff Help

Playoffs are here and you need all the help you can get. Every stat counts during these crucial weeks. Your lineup may have gotten you to the big show, but now they may be showing signs of fatigue. The free agent pool is full of overlooked, late-season talent and it is up to you to […]

The 2009 Sports of Boston Fantasy Football League Draft

Sunday, August 30th, 2009 – a date that will live in infamy – the members of Sports of Boston gathered to be part of the once a year event that changes our lives. Yes, I am talking about the Sports of Boston Fantasy Football League Draft. This was the second year that this blog has […]

TGIF: What Do You Do With the 5th Pick in 2009?

This question has been pondered by scholars and other great literary minds since…well, when player rankings came out a few months ago. Picture this scenario: you are “rewarded” with a top-5 pick in a fantasy football draft. Unfortunately, this is 2009 and you have the fifth overall pick. Let’s face it, you were banking on landing […]

TGIF: Brett Favre Fantasy Value

The Brett Favre media circus rolled into Minnesota in full force and left a devastating wave of damage. In the end, Favre signed a two-year deal with the Vikings and will be their starting QB for the 2009 season. My condolences go out to Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels who will never see the field […]

TGIF: Wide Receivers I Like That Are Not Named Fitzgerald, Johnson, or Moss

Last week, I didn’t necessarily explain my disgust for wide receivers, I just pointed out that you can afford to wait on them (in a two-QB league anyway). So you may be wondering if I actually like the WR spot this season. Well yeah, of course I do. The common names like Larry Fitzgerald, Andre […]

TGIF: Wait on Wide Receivers

It has been common practice in a fantasy football draft to draft two running backs with your first two picks. It seems like I avoid this strategy every season, and then my team falls into obscurity. I don’t know why, but I think I might give the old dual RB strategy a second look in […]