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Theo Epstein Spotted at Chicago Starbucks?

If you choose to believe lifelong Cubs fan Noah Pinzur, then the Red Sox may be in the market for a new general manager as well as a manager. Pinzur said he’s 99.9% sure he saw Theo Epstein at a Starbucks in Chicago on Saturday morning, according to the Chicago Tribune. Epstein, or his look-a-like, was […]

Report: Cubs Ask Red Sox to Speak With Theo Epstein

The Cubs have asked the Red Sox for permission to speak with Theo Epstein about their vacant GM job, according to the Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy. There were reportedly meetings at Fenway Park Tuesday afternoon regarding how the team would respond to the Cubs’ request. There are three possible responses, according to the Globe’s Pete […]

Red Sox Erred in Firing Francona, Should Cut Epstein Loose

It’s too late to undo firing Terry Francona, a rash decision born from the kind of rabid bloodlust that few fanbases besides Boston’s are capable of. But if John Henry wants to cut out the true cause of the Red Sox’s historic collapse, he needs to go one level higher and axe Theo Epstein. Player […]

The End of an Era: Terry Francona Out as Red Sox Manager

How did we get here? How did the best team ever not even qualify for October baseball? How did the team that loaded up in the offseason by signing Carl Crawford and trading for Adrian Gonzalez and was seen as the clear favorite in the American League finish third in its own division? How did team […]

2011 Boston Red Sox: The Saddest Little Baseball Team

At first I was angry. Then I gloated. Then I got sad. And now I’m just pissed. Let’s be honest, no one would have predicted this in March. No one would have thought the Red Sox would find themselves at a crossroad…again. In the press conference Thursday, a reporter asked about a roster overhaul. Didn’t […]

Is Theo Epstein to Blame for the Red Sox Collapse?

On September 1, the Boston Red Sox held first place in the division and led the Tampa Bay Rays by 9 (NINE!) games in the standings. Today, September 21, the Red Sox trail the New York Yankees by 6.5 games in the division and, most importantly (and frighteningly), have only a 2.5 game cushion over […]

Theo Epstein To Cubs As GM And President?

Reports from ESPN’s Buster Onley suggest that the only franchise in baseball left with a “curse” could be targeting the only GM with curse-killing experience on his resume. That’s right, the Chicaco Cubs, who haven’t won a World Series since 1908, may be targeting Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein as their new GM and […]

Buchholz Reportedly Has Stress Fracture, Likely Out For Season

Erik Bedard, your role with the 2011 Boston Red Sox might have just grown a bit. Less than 24 hours after the Sox inked a deal to trade for the former Baltimore ace and Seattle staffer, news out of Clay Buchholz camp is looking grim. On the disabled list with a “back” injury since June […]

Panic at the Sports Bar? Part 2: The Red Sox

To think, before the second inning of Monday night’s game, things were really starting to look up for the Red Sox. Enter Daisuke “Wet Blanket” Matsuzaka. Winning the first home series of the season against the Yankees, and doing it with a 2007 Josh Beckett on the mound, was enough to lift spirits after a […]

In Defense of Theo Epstein After Buck Showalter’s Criticism

Also Read: SoB’s Mike Carlucci thinks Buck Showalter brought up some good points about Theo Epstein and the Red Sox fat wallet. Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter is no fan of Theo Epstein. In the April edition of Men’s Journal, Showalter said that overpaying for players because you have the highest payroll in Major League […]

Showalter Speaks His Mind About Theo Epstein

Also Read: SoB’s Matt Goisman defends Theo Epstein. The Baltimore Orioles are a proud and storied franchise, despite their recent downturn. Bringing in Buck Showalter as manager to help the young team was one step in their rebuilding process. Part of that step involves the team finding it’s own voice – and Showalter has taken […]

Live Blog: Carl Crawford Press Conference

Welcome to SoB’s live blog of the Carl Crawford press conference, taking place today, Saturday December 11, 2010, live at Fenway Park at 10:00am EST. It’s being broadcast on NESN, and streamed online here, so be sure to tune into the conference by some means and watch the next big bat officially come on board […]

Carl Crawford to the Red Sox? – Brass Meets OF in Texas

If the reports are indicative of what’s to come, the Red Sox won’t be seeing Carl Crawford steal six bases against them in one game again. Red Sox brass and the free agent outfielder reportedly met on Wednesday at Crawford’s Houston, Texas home. Yahoo! Sports’ Tim Brown was the first to break the story via his […]

Do the Red Sox Want Mark Prior?

Remember Mark Prior? Last September, the Texas Rangers agreed to terms with the injury-plagued right-hander on a low-risk minor league deal knowing full well he’d never see a big league mound. It’s the exact same thing, actually, that Antoine Walker is doing over in the NBA’s D-League. Prior’s tuning up for a full-fledged MLB comeback. […]

Why The Red Sox Should Pursue Derek Jeter

This past week, the New York Post published a photo of Derek Jeter in a Red Sox uniform after Yankees GM Brian Cashman told Jeter to see if he can find a better deal than the three-year, $45 million one he turned down. There’s no way Jeter would join the Red Sox, right? That’s like […]