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2010 NFL Draft Preview: New England Patriots

It’s that time of year again. The time when we can all gather and watch a bunch of kids younger than us make millions of dollars just by getting their name called on a podium. The Patriots can go many different ways in this draft, but one thing is for sure; they will go after […]

Draft Tim Tebow, Seriously!

This year’s NFL Draft has had more been more intriguing then ones in the past. From it lasting three days, beginning on a Thursday April 22nd, to the mass of talent, this year there is a mix of excitement and gossip. Much has been talk about the Rams first overall pick, but as for a […]

Where Do the Patriots Go From Here?

The Patriots took quite the beating at the hands of the Ravens on Sunday to lose their first home playoff game in the Belichick-Brady era. It wasn’t pretty, but it did tell us one thing—Wes Welker would not have made a difference. The Patriots were outplayed by so much that their top offensive weapon would […]

Could Patriots Go “Wild Pat” in 2010?

In the spirit of this Sunday’s game against the Dolphins I would like to talk wildcat, or in this instance, wildpat. There is no doubt that in the 2010 draft we will see one of the most interesting prospects turn pro and his name is Tim Tebow. I can hear all the groans now – […]

Florida Wins BCS National Championship

The Florida Gators defeated the Oklahoma Sooners 24-14 at the Orange Bowl in Miami to secure their second national championship in three seasons and the third in a row for the SEC (LSU won the title last season).  Last season’s Heisman Trophy winner, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, outdueled this season’s edition, Oklahoma signal caller Sam […]

Sam Bradford Wins 2008 Heisman Trophy

Sam Bradford, Sophomore Oklahoma Quaterback, won the 74th Heisman Trophy and became the fifth Sooner to win the prestigious honor.  He had a phenomenal year in guiding his team to an NCAA scoring record with 702 points, including another national-record five consecutive 60-point outbursts. He also led his team to the Big 12 South division title (winning a […]

My 2008 Heisman Trophy Ballot

Unfortunately, I was not invited to cast a real ballot for this season’s Heisman Trophy, but that will not stop me from posting it here, for you, anyway.  The award will be handed out Saturday night by the Downtown Athletic Club of New York City.  Tim Tebow, junior quarterback of Florida looks to become only […]