// T.J. Ford

Fantasy Basketball Review: Week 9 (12-22 – 12-28)

The holidays and the fantasy football championships had me very distracted last week and as a result, my basketball leagues suffered. I lost one league 8-1 as a result of leaving players on the bench all week. This is one of the most common and classic sins of a fantasy sports player. Like many before […]

Fantasy Basketball Review: Week 4 (11-17 – 11-23)

In one of my leagues, I forgot to play one player on Sunday. Thinking it to be no big deal, I checked the box scores at the end of the day and then checked Yahoo!’s Stat Tracker and discovered that if I had played this one man, I would have tied two categories and won […]

Celtics Rivals Preview: Toronto Raptors

Chris Bosh, above, has been a force for the Raptors so far in his career.(Courtesy of NBA.com) This season, the Atlantic Division, routinely one of the NBA’s weaker divisions the last few years, will look to be one of the more competitive ones in the league. The Nets and Celtics should contend for a division […]