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Basketball AP Top 25 – Week 15

1. Kentucky (63) The Wildcats toyed with #14 Florida last week, but it was never a contest. They didn’t seem particularly challenged, pulling away at the beginning of the second half. The only doubts that remain with them are whether their inexperience will cause them to seize up in an important game. No one can […]

Basketball AP Top 25 (Week 13): Murray State Continues to Impress

1. Kentucky (63) Last week was another easy walk through the SEC for the Wildcats. This is the time of the season when malaise sets in though, so watch out for the upset. 2. Syracuse (2) The Orange won both of their games last week, but the absence of Fab Melo was evident. Unresolved academic […]

Basketball AP Top 25 (Week 8): Baylor Defeats Paul Quinn

1. Syracuse (54) The Orange played the eclectic duo of Bucknell and Tulane last week, and they will get started with Big East play this week. They will play a school almost exclusively associated with Big East basketball (Seton Hall) as well as a school that people often forget is in the Big East (DePaul). […]

BCS Top 25 (Week 14): YAWN! Virginia Tech Boring at No. 5

1. LSU I’ve seen all I need to see from LSU. If the NCAA inexplicably decided to end the season today and crown LSU the champion, I would be completely in favor of it. The SEC Championship and BCS Championship don’t even matter to me, because I am that sure LSU is the best team […]

AP Top 25 Basketball Preview

1. North Carolina (62) There has been a nearly endless string of superlatives directed towards UNC in the past few months, so I’ll keep this short. They have NBA talent at every position, an elite playmaker (Harrison Barnes), the kind of elite point guard who is always present on their title teams (Kendall Marshall), and […]

The BCS Top 25 (Week 10): Houston, Case Keenum at No. 13

1. LSU 2. Alabama How perfectly has this matchup been set up this season? At the beginning of the season, the SEC West emerged as the country’s most difficult division. These two teams then almost immediately separated themselves from the rest of the country. It was apparent early on that they were the class of […]

The BCS Top 25 (Week 8): Cowboys Sitting at No. 4.

Quick note: with the release of the BCS rankings this week, the Top 25 wrap-up will be based on those rankings from here on out. The biggest change will be my shift from complaining about stupid voters to complaining about flawed algorithms. Let’s get to it.

Top 25 NFL Fantasy Stars: Week 7

Greetings folks, hope your weekend (and fantasy team) wasn’t completely ruined by the loss of Ronnie Brown… before we get to the list here’s some quick thoughts from Week 7: 1. Thank you Eagles for listening to me by not kicking to Devin Hester. And sorry that it still didn’t help you. 2. If you […]

Top 25 NFL Fantasy Stars: Week 6

Here’s my Week 6 edition of the cream of the crop for fantasy. Before we get to that, two quick things: 1. Adrian Peterson. Top 10 Back next season. Book it. 2. Devin Hester. WHY DO TEAMS STILL KICK TO THE GREATEST RETURN MAN OF ALL TIME?? Ok, I’m off the soapbox now. Keep in […]

Top 25 NFL Fantasy Stars: Week 5

Welcome to the first installment of the Top 25 NFL Fantasy Stars! This feature will highlight the top fantasy performers for that particular week. This is NOT a list of who the “best” players in the NFL are, this is simply the 25 players who get the most fantasy points for that week. Keep in […]