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Connelly’s Top Ten: Posse!

1. Patriots vs. 49ers: · Belichick 230 wins vs. Bill Walsh 92 wins · Gronk 69 touchdowns to Dwight Clark’s 48 · Brady 22 playoff wins to Montana 16 playoff wins · QB’s on the active roster this week – their draft position: Gabbert – 10 / Kapernick – 36 | Garappollo 62 / Brady […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Edelman Lays Eggs (so did the coordinators)

1. Patriots vs. Seattle: MISC · There was a bad feel to this game from the second drive on – disjointed – It was a frustrating game all night · Tough to watch passive defense and unimaginative play calling · I would bet that Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins were texting each other watching Russell […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Thank You Veterans!

1. Patriots vs. Seattle: · Seattle has beaten one team with a winning record this year · Games away from home last 15 games – record 7-7-1 · Jimmy Graham and Gronk have 125 TD’s between them · Wilson 16 sacks · Richard Sherman hasn’t been seen since he was at a loss for words […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: We Survived the Bye Week!

1. Patriots Fun Facts during the bye: · Five Patriots are on pace for 500 yards in receiving – Gronk, White, Edelman, Hogan, Bennett · Butler is on pace to deflect 22 passes · The top three tacklers are from the secondary – Chung, Ryan, McCourty · 2011-2016 first round picks projected to dress next […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Ryans are Clowns, Gronk and the Beatles

1. Patriots vs. Bills: MISC · That was a Chamber of Commerce day for Buffalo – cold rain is as good as it gets · Is it me or is Dan Fouts rooting for the Bills – couldn’t get off the Hightower late hit non-call / he called a pick play on Buffalo “well designed” […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Krug Misfires, Gostkowski Thinking About it, Jeremy Lin Run

1. Patriots vs. Bills: · Who would be insane enough go up to Buffalo with a Patriots shirt? · Bills have lost three games by a combined 15 points · Taylor is sacked every 11.2 attempts / Brady every 25.25 attempts · Tight end Charles Clay is a Patriots killer · Gostkowski missed two field […]

Connelly Top Ten: Lester, 2nd Basemen, Michelle’s Mom

1. Steelers: * No Ben * Gotta be leading the NFL in pot smokers over the last ten years * Steelers have 24 inductees in Hall of Fame * Patriots have two hall of famers – Hannah and Tippett (if you give them credit for Curtis Martin or Michael Haynes – 4) * Great receiving […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Bengals in Town – Hide the Woman and Children and Lock the Doors

1. Patriots vs. Bengals: MISC · Rumors are the Foxy Lady had to triple their security Saturday night with the Bengals in town · Should have got Blount out of that game – the Bengal punks were bringing out the worst in him – lucky he didn’t do something silly · Pacman went for Gronk’s […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Brady Voted Worst Person in Sports – Sue!

1. Patriots vs. Bengals: Bengals could get knocked out this week and go 2-4 They are 3-8 last 11 games – including pre season Look out for head hunting Burfict Brady’s first game back in Foxboro – Standing O upcoming Brandon Lafell has more TD than Gronk – 2 to 0 AJ Green – Logan […]

Connelly Top Ten: Brady Bunch Punch Cleveland

1. Patriots vs Browns: BRADY Cherish every game Brady had lost his last two games in Ohio (lost to Ohio State also) Everytime he gets booed on the field – legal team should get fired up for civil suit How cool was the Brady chant all game? Gotta love a score on the first drive […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Rex Ryan Beats 3rd String Injured QB

1. Patriots: Patriots are 3-1 without the greatest quarterback in NFL history and one reception from the greatest tight end in NFL history (also didn’t have their top back or best offensive lineman) Congrats to Rex Ryan who beat an injured / 3rd string QB who he had tried to intimidate before the game – […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Hanley Wow! / Look Out for Suh / Spitting on National Anthem now a Fad!

1.Patriots vs Dolphins Suh is looking to hurt someone Would you do this trade – Jimmy G (at his highest value right now) to Cleveland for a first and second round pick and sign Hoyer or Matt Hasselback with the goal of going 1-2 until Brady is back Why not just leave Gronk out until […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Jimmy G in the house, Team Overcomes Fumbles, 9/11

1. Patriots: MISC One of the big regular season wins in Belichick era Conceivably the Patriots were missing five of their top six offensive players – No Brady, Gronk, Lewis, Solder, Vollmer / on the road / against the NFC favorite / And a couple of calls went against them – and still win Handed […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Let the Games Begin!

1. Red Sox – Pedroia: 27 for his last 51 (.529) over last 12 games – insane 10 multi hit games out of 12 43 for his last 94 (.457) over his last 22 games – insane 2. Patriots Predict score of 24-13, Arizona (Chandler Jones is huge in September – as long as he […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Brady in the Corner, Moncada, ESPN Health

1. Red Sox: *I’m predicting sometime in late October, early November, you will hear report that Steven Wright has gone in for shoulder surgery from injury that happened running the bases * Amazing how many swing and misses Jackie Bradley ahs * Let the Moncada era begin (Shaw had his chance) * Red  Sox have […]