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Connelly’s Top Ten: Brady Being Poked, Pink Hats Strike Again, Stand Up!

1.Red Sox * I give up on Red Sox crowd – COULDN’T believe what my eyes were seeing – Pedroia going for the baseball record of 12 hits in 12 at bats and only one person standing and no applause after – you can’t say Fenway fans have a high baseball IQ * Red Sox […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Sox Managers Worse Than Farrell, Loaded 1966 All-Star Team, Brady-Belichick’s ‘Feud’

1. Red Sox: * John Farrell has no feel for his starters – either takes them out too early or too late – * Ortiz is starting to think about career extra base hit numbers – saw him hustle out two doubles this week * Top four hitters in the line up are hitting: .310 […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Wright Should Sue Farrell, Pedro Silly, Swordfish – What’s Up?

1. Red Sox: * Amazing Ortiz’s strikeout to BB numbers – 63 to 65 * Leon has 22 extra base hits in 145 at bats – project that over 600 at bats – that’s 93 * Leon has grounded into one double play in 141 at bats / Ortiz 18 in 398 at bats or one […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Farrell Does it Again, Tazawa meet John Wasdin, Brady a Good Draft Pick

1. Red Sox: * John Farrell does it again – pushes wrong button – how many losses have been a function of his decision making * Look how many pitchers come to Boston to play for the pitching “guru” Farrell and actually get worse – Price, Kelley, Pomeranz * Dombrowski gave up gems for the […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Pink Hats Don’t Know Game, Mookie Insane, Rio and Duck

1. Red Sox: * What happened to the Fenway crowd – they get more excited for Sweet Caroline than Mookie? 3 dingers – no curtain call / no standing for his 5th at bat? * A Holt sandwich – Holt was 0-6 – while Pedroia and Betts combined for 9-12 / 10 RBI * The […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Farrell Torching Season, Jimmy G – Ugh, Lefties and Kimbrel

1.Red Sox: Back to back games Farrell pulled out the starter too early – never mind pinch running the other starter and getting him hurt Sandoval three hit games – 3 in 127 games / Bennitendi three hit games 2 in first six games David Price the guy that juiced and then signed and didn’t […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Sportswriters Out of Luck, Yankees Downsizing, Bugs Bunny

1. Red Sox Price not worth the Price Everytime I watch Tazawa pitch he is getting ripped but his ERA remains adequate – he threw up some cookies Pedroia is on pace to hit into 30 double plays Can’t believe Dodger Stadium is the third oldest park in baseball Would you trade, as suggested in […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Top Sports Moments, Ruben Kinkaid and Celtic Scoring

1. Red Sox pitchers rank by starts: * Wright – team record during starts – 13-7 * Price – team record during starts – 11-12 * Porcello – team record during starts – 16-6 2. Draft position of the Patriots leading passer, rusher and receiver during Super Bowl seasons: 2014 –   199 /  undrafted / […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Deja Vu in Anaheim, Germans Blowing up Jersey, Patriot Fanatics

1. Red Sox: * That’s as exciting as it gets – gotta be longest ball Pedroia has hit * I know that they won but insane that Leon didn’t pinch hit for Hannigan – they have a 227-point differential in average * Bogaerts has as good as balance as anyone I’ve seen other than Manny […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Sox Done / Celtics 50 Wins – One Playoff Round / Belichick Contract Extension

1. Red Sox: *I like the crowd camera shots from NESN * I heard Pedro say the other day that David Price needs a season to get acclimated. So we already bought in that the back end of the contract would be money thrown away – now for $31mm you need a season to get […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: David OverPriced, Sunday Bird, Complete Games (Or Not)

1. Red Sox:  Brad Ziegler so far – 6 innings / 0 runs / 1 hit / 6 K – 0 BB Not a great weekend for Brock Holt – 2-11 with 4 K and was a butcher in the outfield Ton of during-game commercial spots on NESN right now – I’m watching Porcello F […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Holt Magic, Brady is Awesome, Exorcist Wicked Scary

1. Red Sox: * What’s going on with the birds behind home plate on the ground * I think if Travis Shaw gets hot at all you throw him in a package for someone * NESN should add a segment to their pregame show – called the Panda weigh in * Does Pedroia get moved […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: OJ, Poland Speech and Noxzema

1.Red Sox: * Sorry – not gonna stay up for the classic Red Sox vs. Yankees Sunday four-hour special * As Mookie gets off to one of the great starts in Red Sox history – isn’t it time to give him a new number – 50 doesn’t work * Xander hitting .162 in July so […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Dombroski, Emmy’s, France and Political Correctness

1. Red Sox: Dombroski was off to a bad start but is hot * I love Dombroski’s moves – he acquired Ziegler, Hill (is going to kill it in Boston) and Pomeranz for Espinoza (#3 prospect), Almonte, Basabe, Wilkerson, Rijo * Signed first round pick Groome 2. Celtics: * I love the Westbrook talk and […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: All Star Break, 1979 Sox Triple Up, Viking Chant

1. Red Sox: * The averages of the Red Sox lineup on Sunday: .303 / .305 / .331 / .334 / .299 / .333 / .271 / .324 / .453 * Jackie Bradley on pace for 17 outfield assists – Dwight Evans most ever was 15 * The two pitchers Sunday combined for 55 pitches […]