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Connelly’s Top Ten: Theo, Bruins Old Timers, Hull High School

1. Red Sox: * Christian Vazquez will be captain of this team within two years * Any fan who was still at the game in the 9th on Saturday night supporting the Red Sox down 19 runs should lose their right to drive * Mookie Betts has the quickest hands I’ve ever seen at the […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Happy Birthday Boots!

1. Most runs scored by a pair of Red Sox in a season: * 262 in 2016 – Bogaerts and Betts (projected) * 260 in 1938 – Foxx and Vosmik * 252 in 1941 – Williams and DiMaggio 2. Lebron: Lebron can’t crack the top five in basketball

Connelly’s Top Ten – Local Sports in a Slump – Teams, Former Players, Draft, Suspensions, You name it!

1. Red Sox stuff: * Red Sox by month – April 14-10 / May 16-10 / June 9-14 * Steven Wright has to win two of next three to make the All Star game * John Farrell is 22nd in Red Sox manager history in win percentage * Would you trade Jackie Bradley and Blake […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Draft Disaster, Best Record Doesn’t Work, Red Sox Better be Careful with Gatorade

1. Celtics Draft: * A disaster – the picks from New Jersey turn out to be the most overblow coup in local sports history (next to Rusney Castillo of course) * NBA Draftnet.com had the Celtics #3 #16 #23 ranked respectively 9 / 29 / 16 * They at best have added three wins to […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Sox Comps / Lacrosse Rich / Cam Shows Jumbo Joe

1. Red Sox: * Red Sox announcers have to call out Jackie Bradley for dogging it out of the batter’s box on his triple * Rusney Castillo and Panda have a combined 14 at bats at $29mm * Possible All Stars, Steven Wright, Jackie Bradley, Mookie Betts and Bogaerts make a combined $2.3mm * Average […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Sox Fading, Pats Kicking, Price Leads in one Category

1. Red Sox: * 8-11 last 19 * Red Sox rotation with Steven Wright backed out – 5.21 ERA 2. Patriots kickers who led the league in scoring: * Gostkowski = 2008 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 * Vinatieri – 2004 * Franklin – 1986 * Smith – 1979 / 1980 * […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Miami Punks, MLB Draft and Buttermaker!

1. Red Sox: * Bogaerts average by month – .290 / .395 / .400 * Season 38% over – on pace for 94 wins * 12-12 over the last 24 games 2. MLB Draft: * Red Sox 4th round pick from Arizona Bobby Dalbec is a stud – threw 129 pitches to beat Mississippi State […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Get Steal at 13, BC Baseball and No One Is Shutting Down Roads in Chicago

1. Red Sox –  Post hitting streaks: * Jackie Bradley  6-33 = .182 * X.  Bogaerts 5-17 = .294 2. Active Players that are Top Ten at their position – all time: Football: Tom Brady, Darrell Revis, Vinatieri, Adrian Peterson, Gronk

Connelly’s Top Ten: BC Baseball, Exorcist and Ortiz Double Trouble

1. Red Sox: * 10-10 last 20 games * Now every non knuckling starting pitcher has an ERA over 4.00 * Ortiz, Bogaerts and Bradley all hitting over .350 at home * Hanley .256 at home / .315 on road * Injuries this year – Panda, Swihart, Smith, Rodriguez, Hanigan, Holt

Connelly’s Top Ten: Shootouts – Betts, Best Westerns and Chicago

1. Red Sox: * Should have traded Joe Kelly after three quality starts last September * Mookie Betts showed me something Wednesday – he got buzzed over his head and came back and hit a home run – just like Yaz used to do. * Bogaerts has a chance for 35 games with his simple […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Sox Win / Rob Ryan is a Bum / Respecting the Flag!

1. Red Sox: * Price has only got into the eighth inning twice – we are approaching June * I bet these were Vazquez’s worst back-to-back games defensively in his life * Amazing how catchers’ visits to the mounds slow a game * 4:07 minutes * I don’t remember Price throwing from the set all […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: JBJ Ugh / Buchholz / Investments I Missed

1. Red Sox: * Sad JBJ lost the streak with two balls to the wall * Has a team ever had two hitters with a 29-game hit streak and a 19-game hit streak at the same time? * Red Sox scoring at least 8 runs in a game 15 times * Red Sox have six […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Bradley, Quint and 4-6-3

1. Red Sox: * Jackie Bradley hit streak now 27 games and a decent hand from the home crowd * Red Sox have stolen 31 bases and only been caught 3 times * Red Sox only have three sacrifice bunts this year * Wright is on pace for 7 complete games * in 44 games […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Ortiz Scam, Rich Hill and Russia Kicking Sand in our Face

1. Red Sox: * The David Ortiz retirement scam goes up there with the Frank Abagnale from Catch Me if You Can – the PR campaign to start the $25mm discussion next year is absolutely brilliant. The media is falling over them selfs to convince Red Sox nation this is a good thing. Pathetic! * […]

Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Offensive Machine, John Hannah and Gronk

1. Red Sox: * 24% of the season done / Sox on pace to win 102 games * Surprised the Fenway crowd didn’t give Jackie Bradley a big hand for extending his hit streak to 21 games * Rutledge has to break the perception he can’t play everyday in the majors hitting .317 after 101 […]